New Alternative to Buying Pumps


KSB Aktiengesellschaft Frankenthal / Germany is the first manufacturer to offer its customers the option of stocking up with pumps by subscribing to what the pump supplier calls "share-in-savings contracting".

As with a leased pump, the pump user only pays for the "fluid transport" but, different from a leasing deal, the manufacturer not only finances the equipment, he also provides the following service: the pump user's installation is technically optimized so that it becomes cheaper to run. For many users this means that the contracting rates are covered by the savings achieved on the operating cost.

By this system, industrial companies enjoy all the advantages of modern, energy-efficient equipment without having to make costly investments. The cost incurred to run the pumps is covered by the fixed annual rates, thus providing the pump users with an ideal means of controlling their budget.

Since the pumps are kept in perfect working order by the manufacturer, the user can count on their availability and low operating cost.

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