Multi-Stage Submersible Clean Water Pumps


For the MXSM series in single-phase execution, a new version with float switch is available. This version with built-in float switch, supplied on demand, is particularly suitable for use in tanks or in oversized borehole wells.

Multi-Stage Submersible Clean Water Pumps


Close coupled multi-stage submersible pumps in chromenickel stainless steel, with motor shields in brass. Hydraulic part under the motor and motor cooled by the pumped water for safe operation also with the pump only partially immersed. Double shaft seal with interposed oil chamber. The suction strainer prevents solids bigger than 2,5 mm grain size from entering the pump.


For water supply from wells, tanks or reservoirs. For domestic use, for civil and industrial applications, for garden use and irrigation. Utilization of rain water. Operating conditions Water temperature up to 35 °C. Minimum internal diameter of well: 132 mm. Minimum immersion depth: 100 mm. Maximum immersion depth: 20 m (with suitable cable length).

More information on the new MXSM series as well as the new catalogue is available on the Calpeda web site.

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