Multi-Purpose Diaphragm Pumps Have Broad Appeal


Air-operated, diaphragm pumps are acknowledged as being one of the most versatile types of pump available because they are ideally suited for handling a wide variety of liquids. Thanks to their ...

simple design and ease-of-maintenance they are one of the most reliable types of pump for numerous process applications, regardless of liquids being thin or viscous, abrasive or aggressive.

The TopAir range of air operated diaphragm pumps from JP Pumps (a division of Johnson Pump AB), are a good example, providing users with a range of important features and characteristics to ensure efficient pumping. For example, they are self-priming, can be dry-run without damage or overheating and will transfer high and low viscous products in industries as diverse as; ceramics, chemicals, construction, mining, paint and paper, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and waste water.

The TopAir range comprises 8 models providing flow rates from 10 lit/min for the TA-5 and up to 800 lit/min for the TA-80, with maximum pressures MPa of 0.7. The smallest models are capable of handling fluids with solids of 0.2mm while the largest can handle fluids with solids sized up to 10mm.

Optimum reliability is assured thanks to their rugged, long-life diaphragms which resist the effects of abrasive and corrosive materials. They are available in a wide range of material combinations for low and high viscous liquids, alkalis or acids.

The pumps also provide users with installation flexibility in so far as they can be submerged or be installed with flooded suction condition and can operate with a dry start as they are self-priming up to 5 metres.

Also, as they are air-driven the potential for any electrical hazard is removed. Varying and controlling the flow of TopAir pumps can be achieved simply by using an air regulator which increases or decreases the air pressure and controls product flow. Reliable operation is helped by the use of a patented non-stalling air valve, while a specially designed spring-loaded spool device ensures consistent, positive switching for every stroke.

Finally, to suit users specific needs and to ensure optimum application flexibility, a wide range of accessories are available, including pulsation dampers, diaphragm leak sensors, speed generators, electronic or pneumatic stroke counter for dosing and preventative maintenance and FRL, (filters, regulators and lubricators.

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