Milton Roy Unveils New Primeroyal Q Series

Milton Roy is proud to announce the launch of the new Primeroyal Q series (PQ) chemical metering pump. This cutting-edge addition to the already comprehensive Primeroyal range comes with a promise to set a new benchmark for performance in a wide array of industrial applications.
Milton Roy Unveils New Primeroyal Q Series

Milton Roy Unveils New Primeroyal Q Series (Image source: Milton Roy)

The PQ series boasts an extensive and modular API 675 range that includes eight distinct drive sizes and nine advanced liquid end technologies, ensuring unparalleled versatility, and the ability to meet the most demanding hydraulic performance requirements for high flows and high discharge pressures.

The Primeroyal Q series extends the boundaries of metering pump technology, offering a maximum flow rate of 8,657 l/h (2,199 gph) per dosing head and maximum discharge pressure of 1,035 bar (15,011 psi). This remarkable expansion of the Primeroyal range caters to a diverse spectrum of customer needs, delivering a robust and adaptable solution designed to excel under the most stringent industrial conditions. Tailored to withstand the rigors of continuous, round-the-clock operation, the Q series is the epitome of reliability and endurance, meeting the demands of 24/7 duties without compromise on performance or precision.

Unmatched Versatility

The Primeroyal Q series has been meticulously engineered with three proven liquid end types - packed plunger, PTFE, or metallic diaphragm - that have been the cornerstone of reliability for over two decades within the Primeroyal and Milroyal series. The double diaphragm liquid end technology, coupled with a sophisticated leak detection system, offers superior safety for handling all types of fluids including critical, toxic, harmful, and explosive process fluids.

Key features of the Q series include:

  • Compliance with API 675 standards for steady state accuracy (±1%), linearity and repeatability (±3%)
  • High performances:
    o Max. flow rate: 8,657 l/h (2,199 gph) per dosing head
    o Max. discharge pressure: 1,035 bar (15,011 psi)
    o Max. suction pressure: 371 bar (5,380 psi) dedicated for liquified gases application
  • Leak-free design
  • Field proven technology, over 20 years
  • Large liquid end technology offering (packed plunger, PTFE or metallic stainless-steel single/double diaphragm)
  • Ambient temperatures: -10° to + 50 °C (+14° to +122 °F) in standard, Low temperature -40°C/-40°F in option
  • Manual and local stroke length adjustment for precise control of the flow rate
  • Remote control of the capacity, through the 4-20mA analog and feedback signals for modulation
  • A compact and lightweight design with a minimal footprint
  • Multiplexing capabilities, with up to 6 heads max.
  • ATEX II 2 G Ex h IIC T4/T3 Gb X certification for use in hazardous environments
  • Simple maintenance and low total cost of ownership
  • Customized PQ solutions available with many of options for high specification

Contractual Documentation Competence

A value-added service and an essential element of your contract, the documentation, established by our contractual documentation competence, guarantees compliance with applicable standards. Available to you, this competence provides a continuous check on conformity and brings together all documents related to purchasing such as: compliance certificates, minutes, drawings issued by design office, and data sheets which allow for flexibility while pursuing potential revisions of the project drawings and documents.

Applications Across Industries

The Primeroyal Q pumps are specifically designed to cater to a broad spectrum of fluid dosing needs, with a focus on industries such as:

  • Oil and Gas: For high-pressure methanol injection at the wellhead and the injection of corrosion inhibitors and chemicals for refined product treatment
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Processing: For precise dosing of catalysts in polymerization processes
  • Power Generation: For high-pressure boiler feed water treatment and more

Milton Roy's Primeroyal Q series sets new benchmarks for metering pump performance, with a modular design that offers a multitude of configuration possibilities to meet the specific demands of diverse industrial applications.

Source: Milton Roy

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