Microprocessor-controlled Multistage Centrifugal Pump


Espa presents the latest applied technology for life, at the ISH 2003. Tecnopres are compact, intelligent, programmable pumps, which herald a new concept in comprehensive water management for domestic and gardening purposes.

Tecnopres is a horizontal multicellular centrifugal pump, with protection to prevent the pump from operation when dry and electronic device to ensure pressure water supply. In other words, this is an 'all-in-one' pump, which guarantees comprehensive, intelligent management of domestic water consumption via a single product.

Tecnopres includes a microprocessor that disconnects the pump when there is no water in the system, thus preventing it from operating when dry and the consequent failures. Self-suctioning at depths of up to 9 metres, Tecnopres has a self-priming valve which is resistant to impurities, enabling it to work perfectly in any system that requires water pressure control.

Another of Espa's most noteworthy new products are Tecnotec and Tecnorain, horizontal multicellular centrifugal pumps with a device that prevents it operating when dry, a thermal protector and LED indicators to show when the pump is online and when it is operating. Also, Tecnorain has built-in watering programmer with four separate weekly programs, leds showing pump online, in operation and failure and reset button.

The advantages offered by Espa's Tecnopres, Tecnotec and Tecnorain include compactness, great performance, ease of use and completely silent operation.

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