Manufacturer Plasma-Tec Promotes Bryan DeGroot to General Manager


The manufacturer of coated and uncoated wear components appoints DeGroot to the position after 7 years of service with the company.

As a successful and growing manufacturing company, Plasma-Tec continually strives to provide customers with high-quality parts and exceptional personal service. Talented team members who believe quality & service are an integral part of the success for both Plasma-Tec and their customers are critical to its success. Based on technical competence, managerial capabilities and a client relationship focus, Bryan DeGroot has been promoted in recognition of his hard work, talent, and commitment.

Bryan DeGroot has worked for Plasma-Tec since May, 2007. He was hired as a Manufacturing Leader, and was soon promoted to the position of Plant Manager. In 2010, Bryan’s responsibilities expanded as he became Plasma-Tec’s Operations Manager. Along the way he has fulfilled many vital responsibilities for Plasma-Tec, ranging from business development to operational leadership. His character, values, skills and experience allow him to serve as a liaison between customers and the shop operations.

Chris Wysong, Vice President of Plasma-Tec, had the following to say about promoting DeGroot: “Bryan has been a fantastic part of the Plasma-Tec team and he really lives out our values in a practical way. At Plasma-Tec it is our goal to demonstrate Love, Honor, and Respect to every person we come in contact with, Bryan does that. He is a great leader for the crew on the floor, and excellent at helping customers identify the right technology, processes, and solutions for their components. His leadership is best demonstrated by this quote from one of our OEM customers: ‘Plasma-Tec as a whole is a very tight company, very involved in their worker’s lives and they care about each other that makes for a stronger company I believe.’ I am thrilled to see Bryan take on this role.”

Plasma-Tec, Inc. is a precision machining & grinding and wear & corrosion coating services provider. The company produces round, turned, and ground components of medium-to high-precision of 1” to 8” in diameter. The manufacturing processes and thermal spray coatings utilized by Plasma-Tec make them a preferred source for wear components for companies in the oil & gas, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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