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Leading manufacturer of high viscosity pumps consequently enlarges his product range!

The permanent increase of viscous products in almost every industrial sector has leaded to the fact that customers more and more require for pumps which gently pump viscous liquids.

In this connection the requirements on explosion proof, material selection, variety of drive motors with robust construction and low weight are in the foreground. When using universal drum and container pumps are these features self-evident, therefore a consequent development to a modular system was the only possibility to fulfill this demand in the viscous sector.

Due to the modular construction the user of these pumps for viscous liquids has the possibility to choose himself drive power, type of sealing (packing gland or mechanical seal), delivery rate, delivery pressure (6 bar/12 bar) and stator materials.

Different drive variants:

First of all the manufacturer has placed himself as primary task the use of the existing, for many years tested universal, compressed air driven and three-phase gear motors. Thus expensive new developments would not be necessary and the customers could often refer to motors already used of existing drum and container pumps.

As second step rotational speed reducing gears were developed, which adapt the rotational speed in such a way that the correct drive rotational speed is available for the pumping process and for the pumped liquid.

In this described combination, drive possibilities as:

  • three-phase gear motors
  • universal alternative current motors
  • compressed air driven motors

are available and approved in almost all protection classes inclusively explosion proof.

The delivery piece of the pump consists of an eccentric screw (rotor) and a stator made of an elastic or solid material. As rotor material exclusively material 1.4571 is used. The stator materials are adapted to the respective medium pumped and made of PTFE, Perbunan and Viton. Special materials on request.

In order to construct the whole unit for safe operation, but nevertheless for easy handling for the respective fluids and corresponding viscosity, drive shafts were developed as torsion and universal joint shaft, which allow viscosity ranges of <500 – 100.000 mPas. The pumping performances vary from 12 – 120 l/min, delivery pressures up to 12 bar. Pumps with a capacity of 1,5 – 5 l/min are also available.

The applications of these pumps are for:

  • thin-bodied to extremely viscous fluids
  • pastes
  • fluids consisting of gas
  • solid and fibrous
  • flammable fluids of zone 0

The pump was constructed in such a way that shaft sealing systems according to DIN 24960 as well as special sealings are possible. Great importance has been attached to a high compatibility of parts in order to ensure a cost-saving supply of spare parts.

The eccentric screw pumps are used for the delivery of chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical as well as mineral oil products to the delivery of any food.

The construction approval 01/PTB-N° III B/S 2416 allows and ensures the application of pumps for flammable liquids of the explosion class II A and temperature class T 4.

The high standardization of all parts as well as the consequent realization of the modular system were the reason for the fact that the price/performance proportion has adapted to the requirements of economists as well as engineers, and thus gives an essential contribution to the efficient emptying of containers.

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