Lutz Horizontal Eccentric Screw Pump: The new Series B70H for Mobile and Stationary use


The features of the B70H offers many benefits to the user. By positioning outside of the container, it is possible to pump liquid out of the stacked containers - or containers which are not accessible from the top. The compact construction height, enables an emptying at limited room height. Besides an easy handling of heavy pumps is possible and there is no physical strain due to lifting Fluid transfer is possible in either direction of rotation.

Lutz Horizontal Eccentric Screw Pump: The new Series B70H for Mobile and Stationary use

The new Series B70H. (Image: Lutz Pumpen)

Easy replacement of wearing parts by the new rotor/stator combination and by replacing the rotor/stator unit, an easy change of sizes is possible. The horizontal eccentric screw pump is also available in PURE and explosion-proof design.

Another advantage is the easy change of sizes, as the change between different stator materials is possible with keeping the same stator sleeve. A conversion from 25.1 to 75.1 is possible by replacing the stator sleeve. Pump tube and shaft always have the same length and are compatible to every rotor/stator unit. By replacing stator, rotor and stator sleeve, a conversion to any rotor/stator combination is possible.

Lutz horizontal eccentric screw pumps are suitable for pumping aqueous to highly viscous Newtonian and non-Newtonian media. The pumps are suitable for abrasive, solids containing and shear sensitive media, as well as for neutral, aggressive and easy flammable liquids under high delivery pressure.

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