Look for Stand H27 in Hall 9.0


Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems and Tuthill Pump Group are exhibiting on a joint Tuthill Stand in Hall 9.0 at the Achema 2006 show in Frankfurt. Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems will be showing the Tuthill range of ...

screw Dry Vacuum Pumps, specially designed for Chemical applications and in line with the ATEX Machinery Directive covering equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Sizes range from 100m³/hr to 2700m³/hr.

Also, included will be the Atlantic Fluidics™ range of Single-Stage and Multi- Stage liquid ring vacuum pumps. The pumps feature the patented Fluid-Vac® axial flow technology for efficient, vibration-free operation with capacities from 15 to 500 m³/hr in the range from atmospheric pressure down to 4 mbar.

Tuthill Pump Group will be exhibiting their wide range of positive displacement Process Pumps, including:

  • “GlobalGear®” - Modular Internal Gear Pumps in Cast Iron and Stainless Steel; available in standard construction or Magnetic-Drive.
  • Type “HD” Circumferential Piston Pump.
  • Small Magnetic-Drive Stainless Steel & PPS (Plastic Bodied) Pumps.

Feature of the display will be the GlobalGear® Pump range

This product utilises Cost Saving design features, including:

  1. Modular construction, which can satisfy changing needs.
  2. Several Port Styles, including 90 & 180 degree, in both Imperial and Metric sizes.
  3. Mounting Dimensions & Volumetric Displacements (identical to most competitive Internal Gear designs), affording immediate Pump replacement.
  4. Large Port options for viscous fluids.
  5. Universal Seal Chamber to accommodate multiple seal types.
  6. “Back Pull Out” of components, for ease of maintenance, reducing downtime.

Included in the seal options are:

The TuffSeall™

This has a silicon carbide sleeve that is hard and can resist abrasion, grooving or fretting. The proprietary metal-filled Teflon rotating sealing elements have no springs to clog, no faces to stick together and no dynamic o-rings to hang up. TuffSeall™ has viton o-rings and stainless steel hardware, and is designed to handle viscosities up to 160,000 cps and up to 15 bar differential pressure. It can handle intermittent temperatures up to 200° C and continuous temperatures up to 190° C. The seal is designed to be easily repaired in the field, with a press fit of a new insert while the gland and sleeve are reused. TuffSeall™ seals are suitable for applications including paints/coatings, resins, glues, adhesives, polymers, greases and asphalt. TuffSeall™ can also handle intermittent dry-running situations.


The magnetic-drive version of the GlobalGear pump is available for sizes GG015 up to GG130 covering flow rates up to 492 LPM and pressures up to 10 bar. This is a seal-less design utilizing patented magnet cooling technology as well as patented thrust control. GlobalGear® magnetic-drive pumps are suitable for applications handling hazardous fluids, toxic applications or fluids that tend to crystallize such as isocyanate.

Tuthill Pump Group will also be showing a range of small magnetically coupled gear pumps in 316ss, Hastelloy, Titanium and non-metallic materials, with flow rates to 38 l/min and differential pressures to 18 bar, including variable flow bench top units for Laboratory applications, OEM pumps for Medical and Scientific applications and industrial pumps for metering and transfer of chemicals, solvents, etc.

A new non-metallic Vane Pump will be featured, available with a range of AC and DC motors, with flowrates to 3.5 l/min and differential pressures to 4 bar.

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