KSB Invests 12 Million Euros in French Production Site


The KSB Group has announced a large investment in its La Roche-Chalais factory located in the west of France. The aim is to strengthen and extend the company’s position on the global cryogenic valves market.

KSB Invests 12 Million Euros in French Production Site

KSB is extending its production capacities for LNG butterfly valves at its La Roche-Chalais location in the west of France. (Image: KSB)

The new building, which will measure around 4,400 square metres, is designed to accommodate new machining and welding equipment as well as test facilities for the production of triple-offset butterfly valves.

These valves are mainly used in liquefaction, gasification and natural gas transport. They are operated on platforms or factory ships, both in off-shore and on-shore production facilities. Almost 60 per cent of the globally operating liquefied gas tankers are equipped with valves from KSB’s French La Roche-Chalais location.

Construction is scheduled to commence in July 2014, production at the end of 2015.

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