KHS Group Publishes its Fourth Voluntary Sustainability Report

The new KHS sustainability report has been published under the title of Global responsibility – acting reliably and with foresight. In it the systems supplier presents its activities and results for 2019 and 2020 regarding strategy and product responsibility, corporate environmental protection and social issues.
KHS Group Publishes its Fourth Voluntary Sustainability Report

The InnoPET Blomax Series V stretch blow molder cuts energy consumption by up to 40 percent and by making effective use of materials also saves up to 10 percent in PET, thus conserving valuable resources. (Image source: KHS GmbH)

Furthermore, KHS outlines its position on future challenges and measures in the context of protection of the climate, digitalization and demographic change.

“Lots of consumers expect it and more and more customers and stakeholders are demanding it: the protection of the climate is an issue that’s also continuously growing in importance for us, too,” says Kai Acker, CEO of the KHS Group. “We explore all possible ways and means of cutting emissions and saving on resources in the course of our own value creation process and that of our customers.” The Dortmund company has published a sustainability report on a voluntary basis every two years since 2015. The entire content is structured based on GRI standards[1], the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and legal reporting obligations pursuant to CSR-RUG[2], among others. “The majority of the industry operates on a global scale and provides information on its achievements as regards sustainability according to recognized international guidelines. It’s thus all the more important that we make the same high demand of ourselves and issue statements and key figures that can be compared to others,” Acker believes.

KHS helps customers implement their climate goals
KHS’ strategic fields of activity have thus been dealt with in greater detail and further key figures identified. In four separate chapters on strategy and governance, product responsibility, operational ecology and social activities the company’s economic, social and ecological approaches to management key to standardized reports are presented. Here, one of the questions addressed is how the beverage industry can be given even stronger, more specific support in the implementation of its respective climate goals in the future.

“Our lines and packaging systems are a major component in the customer’s value chain,” Acker emphasizes. The report lists numerous new and further developments designed to save on resources; in this way, KHS machines considerably help to reduce the carbon footprint. One example of this is the InnoPET Blomax Series V stretch blow molder that cuts energy consumption by up to 40 percent and by making effective use of materials also saves up to 10 percent in PET, thus conserving valuable resources. In view of the growing trend towards ever lighter containers, this is a significant figure, states Acker.

Broad spectrum of expansion and modernization measures
Furthermore, important aspects such as ergonomics, product safety and durability are highlighted by the report. KHS’ broad spectrum of expansion and modernization measures newly devised and developed further in the relevant period is also showcased. The aim is to create products that are extremely flexible and thus future-proof. In this respect, digital services in particular are of increasing importance.

In the field of packaging design the Dortmund company also illustrates its many successes in relation to consumer protection, health and environmental friendliness. Together with the ALPLA Group, for example, KHS has manufactured a returnable 1.0-liter PET bottle that thanks to its low weight of 55 grams and high recyclate content of up to 35 percent has a positive impact on its overall ecobalance. This system is primarily aimed at mineral water bottling plants but is equally suitable for every other beverage segment.

Consistent savings in energy and resources
The issues KHS is helping its customers with are reflected in the company’s own corporate activities. Among various other actions, the publication outlines the company’s in-house measures and targets as an important contribution to the protection of the environment. The KHS production sites in Germany, for instance, have been using certified green electricity from renewable sources since 2016. This enabled the systems supplier to save a total of 10,868 metric tons of CO2 emissions in 2019 and 2020. “We aim to continue our efforts in this respect. As a global company we focus on these issues, for example in Brazil and the USA,” Acker explains. For the first time the sustainability report contains a section dedicated to the company’s production sites outside Germany. KHS India, to name one example, already runs a number of extensive sustainability programs. These include countless initiatives that specifically help to make the company more sustainable above and beyond the issues of recycling, conserving energy and the circular economy.


[1] GRI = Global Reporting Initiative: international, independent standards organization that defines guidelines for sustainability reports issued by large companies, SMEs, governments and NGOs.
[2] CSR-RUG = CSR Directive Implementation Act: in Germany this law stipulates new reporting obligations, in particular for large listed companies with more than 500 employees.

Source: KHS GmbH

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