Jung Process Systems Offers Hyghspin Pumps Now As Completely Pre-assembled Units


Jung Process Systems offers the Hyghspin pumps now also as completely pre-assembled units with important peripheral equipments such as control technology as well as other controlling instruments.

Jung Process Systems Offers Hyghspin Pumps Now As Completely Pre-assembled Units

Hyghspin as mobile unit for tank unloading

These units assembled on a trolley offer considerable time savings, for instance during loading and unloading process of fruit concentrates into/off cargo tanks and integrate further improvements with regard to hygienic criteria. Anke Jung’s statement: “We are not only considered as a supplier of pumps but are accepted and appreciated increasingly as a strategic partner for offering perfect solutions to our customers. We are very happy that the market appreciates more and more our Know-how of the machinery and process technology. An absolute plus factor for us represents also the competence of our sales partners who share our philosophy by one hundred per cent”.

In the beverage industry pumps on trolleys are a decisive productivity factor because they considerably simplify the loading and unloading of tanks and trucks. The mobile pumps can be located directly at the usage site with by optimum utilization of short suction pipes. Particular advantages offer Hyghspin twin screw pumps for the transport of fruit juice concentrates where considerably higher volumina can be fed than rotary piston pumps as these types of pumps cavitate more quickly. A further significant feature of the Hyghspin pumps – when handling high-viscosity sticky liquids such as fruit juice concentrates – are the robust and maintenance-free lip sealings. Because of the longer sealing lines any slips are avoided. As a standard Hyghspin pumps are equipped with variable drives, thus feeding pulsation-free via a wide speed range and consequently they are ideally suitable for mixing plants even at high flow rates and viscosity of more than 70° Brix. Constant flow rates are guaranteed, even when pumping juices with different sugar concentrations and/or viscosities.

During this year’s drinktec in Munich which will take place from September 16 – 20, 2013, the company located in Kummerfeld near Hamburg will presents its products.

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