ITT Water & Wastewater Wins Innovative Technology Award From WEF


ITT Corporation s Water and Wastewater group has won the 2011 Innovative Technology Award from the WEF.

Awarded in the category of "collection systems", Flygt s patented N-pump, with its clog-resistant design, is further improved when equipped with the newly-designed Adaptive Impeller functionality.

Field tested with a successful 10 year track record, the N-pump has proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 60%, with clog removal maintenance virtually eliminated. Now, in conjunction with the innovative Adaptive Impeller, small solids-handling pump performance is further enhanced. The Adaptive self-cleaning N-pumps have been recognized by the WEF as the single greatest technology innovation during the year.

The new enhanced design allows the N-impeller to move axially to allow easy passage of trash flow -- virtually eliminating clogging even under the most difficult conditions. When large pieces of trash enter the volute, the patented Adaptive version of the N-impeller allow it to rise momentarily, axially upwards within the pump volute housing enabling the very large pieces of trash, rags or debris to pass through the pump. After passage of the debris, the N-impeller immediately returns to its normal operating position in close proximity to the volute insert ring. The advanced design is now available for small Flygt N-series pumps from 2.2-hp through 10-hp.

"This is a giant step in the further development of our N-series of wastewater pumps", said Ulf Arbeus, R&D Director of ITT Water & Wastewater. "This patented solution is quite simple but, the benefit provided to the operators of pump stations is remarkable. Reliability and energy efficiency can now be significantly improved compared to their existing operations. We are very excited to launch this design to the market".

Adaptive impeller design now takes the wastewater industry one giant step further. "Extensive field trials in Europe and North America have proven that Flygt brand N-pumps equipped with adaptive impellers not only eliminate major clogging problems but also deliver extended service intervals" says Bob Domkowski, Business Development Manager for Transport Pumping of ITT WWW USA – Flygt.

In New Mexico for instance, the new enhanced N-technology completely eliminated clogging at the main WWTP serving the capital city of Santa Fe. Not one instance of clogging has occurred at the clarifier scum pit. A Flygt N-pump equipped with the adaptive impeller design easily coped with huge amounts of trash like plastics, rags, baby wipes, straws and much else.

"We are more than impressed", said Santa Fe plant superintendant Luis Orozzo. "My team no longer has to deal with the messiness of removing the pump and unclogging it and summoning a vacuum truck. The adaptive impeller saves lots of time, money and headaches".

Source: Xylem Inc.

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