ISH 2005 – News on Sewage and Wastewater Technology


In part three of the ISH 2005 report, brings you up to date about innovations in sewage and wastewater pumps, suction pumps and lifting stations.

Lifting Stations

Sololift+ (photo: Grundfos)For the application in single occupancy houses, Grundfos has developed the domestic lifting station Sololift+. The six types containing series sets itself apart by the variety of models and the flexible connection options. The types marked with WC are also suitable for the dewatering of sewage.

A flexible compact lifting station for invisible bathroom comfort is Saniflux V by HOMA. Minimum space requirements and variable intakes, designed for front wall installation make this product an excellent choice. The single phase submersible cutter pump switches on automatically. It is made of stainless steel and dependably shreds faeces and toilet paper.

Hebefix V (photo: Jung Pumpen)Jung Pumpen supplements its programme of miniature lifting stations with the Hebefix V. The ready-to-plug pre-assembled lifting station, which includes the dewatering pump U3KS Niro in delivery, offers the necessary flexibility for lifting sewage free effluents from individually designed bath rooms. Thanks to its compact size, the Hebefix V disappears in a front wall installation as well as in small cabinets.

The tested lifting station compli 400 was re-designed and extended by additional connection options. The reverse flange allows for the connection either with an inlet head of 180 or 210 mm. The intakes at the top can also be used in variation with different nominal sizes. Recessed grips in the newly designed container also ease the transport.

In the area of sewage lifting stations KSB offers new and improved versions of the tried and tested mini-Compacta pump sets. The integrated buzzer controlled by a float switch that is installed in the collecting tank. Volt-free contacts allow for the transmission of the alarm signal to a higher-level control station. An alarm system independent of the mains can be ordered as an optional feature. On variants with three-phase motors, a phase sequence indicator in the "HYPER" plug controls the sense of rotation of the pump.

Low Suction Pumps

low suction pump Chromatic C237 from HOMAWith the Chromatic C237 WF HOMA combines a low suction pump with an automatic level sensor. The system designed to protect against flooding allows for fully automated pumping down to a rest water level of 2 mm. This is supposed to avoid costly water damages.

Little Giant presents a fully automatic pool cover pump with a rest water level of 5 mm. Cooling is done by the oil filling which makes slurp operation possible in an unsubmersed position without problems. The extremely low number of returns is a sign of high quality for his distribution partner Calpeda.

universal pond cleaner USS7000 from ZehnderCentral piece of the infinitely variable universal pond cleaner USS7000 from Zehnder is the electronically controlled diaphragm pump with 4 membranes. The pump is suitable for use in fully automated operation in case of flooding and industrial applications.

Sewage and Wastewater Pumps

CH and CTP are the new pump ranges completely made of high-grade stainless steel that extend the programme offered by HOMA. The extremely durable material 1.4436 allows the application for media with abrasive and corrosive particles. The pumps - also available in an explosion-proof version - offer a head of 10 to 30 meters and a maximum flow of up to 8 to 26 l/s.

Especially for operation where sludge and increased solids contents have to be handled, KSB KSB has developed an additional hydraulic for the wastewater pump AMAREX. The new D-type impeller guarantees an absolutely trouble and clogging-free operation for these conditions.

NOCCHI expands its performance range with the submersible sewage pump Priox 800 with a max. flow of 800 l/min and max. head of 18 m. These stainless steel pumps are equipped with a vortex cast stainless steel impeller and handle solids of 50 mm.

sewage submersible motor pump with macerator Wilo-Drain MTS 40(photo: Wilo)For the dewatering of house hold wastewater from single objects and for the commercial use, Wilo designed the new sewage submersible motor pump with macerator Wilo-Drain MTS 40. The preferred application is in pressure dewatering where sewage has to be transported large distances. The patented macerator with inner rotating blade reduces the solid contents of the sewage into a medium which can be more easily pumped. The enormous operational safety and the high efficiency are emphasised by the manufacturer as product advantages.

The advantages of electronic controls and a magnetic drive are combined in the new sewage pump E-ZWM65 from Zehnder. The construction without shaft seals has its plus in a reliable and low-maintenance operation and high energy efficiency.

Something that does not fit any category

Somewhat exotic for this fair seems the announcement of the Spanish pump manufacturer Bomba Elias, which contains the ATEX certification of its chemical standard pumps.

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