ISH 2005 – News on Heating and Condensate Pumps


On March 15, the ISH 2005 opened its gates. is there to inform you about the most important news from the pump industry. The first of the three parts introduces new products in the field of heating and condensate pumps.

System Engineering

The most important trend we recognized at this year's ISH is that pump manufacturers are searching for innovative solutions that take consider the system altogether. On all accounts, the target is to raise the level of comfort by optimizing the plant and to lower the energy consumption.

The Multitherm Box from Biral is as heat-distribution-control unit the optimal addition to common fittings. The heating circuit controller with actuator does not only control the weather-bound header flow control but also controls the speed of the Biral BMV pump. There is a maximized difference between forward and return temperature which is controlled through the pump speed so the system then offers the best conditions for the optimal operation of the heat generator. Energy saving and comfort enhancement are the ultimate advantages of the modular system. For larger plants there is also the larger version of Multitherm which can do without a switchboard by using bus technology.

Comparison of KSB Boa Systronic with conventional systemsAnother contribution to energy cost reduction is delivered by KSB with its intelligent system solution BOA-Systronic for the control of heating systems. It can lower the energy consumption of the circulator pump by up to 70 %. The lowering of the energy cost is based on an intelligent combination of control valve and variable-speed pump. The make of the pump is not important here. In addition, the BOA-Systronic optimizes the entire system and both investment costs as well as operating costs are lowered.

S.O.S. mobile heater (source: Laing)The S.O.S. is a mobile electrical heater for emergencies and boiler replacement offered by Laing S.O.S. is delivered ready for connection. It is installed on a sturdy trolley and the configuration is really simple: the integrated circulator pump hauls the heating water along three heating elements designed for continuous operation which are mounted to a stainless steel pipe. The desired flow temperature can be regulated through an integrated thermostat. An S.O.S. mobile heater is equipped with all necessary safety and connection devices. All parts exposed to the medium are completely corrosion-resistant.

Wilo introduces a trendsetting technology with its project for decentralized heating pumps. Instead of using thermo regulated valves for the heater, they install small circulator pumps instead. A central heating pump in the system is not necessary. With this intelligent control each heater receives exactly the right amount of heat. The manufacturer counts on comfort enhancement due to faster reaction of the heater and energy saving at the same time.

Efficient Circulator Pumps

The trend towards energy saving circulator pumps also continues. Especially pumps with permanent magnet synchronous motor and electronic control lead the development in this field.

Biral was able to raise the efficiency for the heating circulation pumps again, already improved several times before. The so called Mini-Energy-Pump with permanent magnet synchronous motor of the LXP/HXP series is available in six different sizes. The automated adjustment of the flow is done through the exact control characteristic. The operation is reported to be practically silent due to the optimized tuning of the hydraulic, the motor and the electronics. The MX and MXE series were introduced as advancement of the M and ME series. The new series have an even greater energy efficiency.

The solar pump MXS 13-1 was developed in co-operation with the Swiss control specialist TEM. The solar control especially developed for this system and the pump are perfectly tuned to one another. The continuous electronic speed control for the entire performance range of the pump contains nine pre-defined hydraulic applications.

Calpeda celebrates its return to the area of circulator pumps. The new synchronous motor pumps of the NC series are reported to have better performance values than the competitors' products. The motor never jams thanks to the patented "squared chamber" and it is permanently controlled by the "intelligent" electronics.

heating circulator Alpha Pro (source: Grundfos)Grundfos reaches an energy consumption of only 7 Watts with the self-regulating heating circulator Alpha Pro due to the advantages of a frequency converter - a new compact stator - and by using a permanent magnetic motor. The current power intake of the pump is shown in the display so the user can see the savings himself.

The electronically controlled circulating pumps from the EGHN series as well as pumps with a self-regulating motor with permanent magnetic drive NMT by the Slovenian manufacturer IMP Pumps are the focus of their presentation. The pumps carry the mark of widely used EU standards and offer remarkable energy savings in comparison to unregulated pumps.

Ecocirc vario (source: Laing)The new Ecocirc vario Direct Current pump from Laing is an electronically commutated spherical motor pump with a permanent magnet motor. Pumps of this type bring energy savings of up to 75% over conventionally built pumps with similar hydraulic performance. The principle of the spherical motor, which Laing invented, is fundamentally different from conventional canned motor pumps. The single moving part in a spherical motor is a hemispherical rotor/impeller unit, which sits on an ultra-hard, wear-resistant ceramic sphere. According to Laing, these pumps are particularly robust and give exceptionally long service. The new Ecocirc vario uses sine wave commutation, which works completely silently even at high output levels.

Wilo complemented the Stratos series by additional models with a nominal size up to DN 100. The high efficiency pumps in energy class A are easy to operate, offer flexible applications and are easy to install and maintain.

The new Wilo-VeroLine-IP-E replaces the IP-E series. The easy operation of the pump through an infrared interface as well as the optional connection to bus systems represent the advantages of the electronically regulated pump for cold and hot water. They can also be delivered as twin-head pumps Wilo-VeroTwin-DP-E.

Condensate Pumps

Pump manufacturers already presented condensate pumps and lifting stations for the use in condensation boilers and air conditioning units at the last ISH. In 2005 again, numerous innovations in could be found this area.

The condensate pump tp1 from Laing was developed for applications in condensation boilers in private homes. The central component of Laing's new condensate pump is the DDC electronically commutated spherical motor pump. The compact size and the durable and long-term quiet operation are especially pointed out by the manufacturer.

Condensate pump specialist Sauermann introduces the condensate pumps Deltapack for air conditioners. The system consists of the maintenance free, extremely quiet monoblock condensate pump SI1082 and an installation kit with cable duct and the casing.

The condensate lifting station SI4300 is for usage in condensation boilers, ice machines and air conditioning units. The noise level is supposedly at 43 dbA at 1 m. The modular system comes in protection class IP54.

The infrared level switch SI3008 is maintenance free and non-sensitive to contamination. The on/off switch positions are realized through an optical control while the alarm is realized with an additional magnetic float switch.


With the Biral PumpSelector the manufacturer now also offers an effective planning aid for its entire product range. Biral relies on the established software Spaix from VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE.

Biral PumpSelector

It is also remarkable that the pump planning software Wilo-Select is available in an up-to-date version already including all of Wilo's product news just in time for the ISH. All information is available either on the CD accompanying the Product News Overview brochure or on the Internet version Wilo-Select Online. In this new version you also can view the pumps from all sides in 3D and if needed you can store the planning data also in CAD DXF or DWG files. Wilo-Select was developed by VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE, the software partner who develops a variety of projects for the Wilo-Group.

Wilo-Select with 3D graphics

For those who don't have time to visit the ISH - Wilo by the way - offers a very informative 3D animation to give the virtual visitor an idea about the booth and an overview of all company news. All exhibits can be seen from 10 different locations in a 360° view and you can even request further information.

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