International Events Highlight Trade and Circular Economy

British Water’s International Reception and Conference will highlight trade opportunities, particularly around resilience, the circular economy and global climate responsibility. Under the joint theme Tomorrow’s Water, the events will give delegates from around the world the opportunity to tackle the most pressing issues facing the industry and discuss solutions to the challenges of a changing global landscape.

They will be held in central London venues over two days. The International Reception, on the evening of 21 November, will include a keynote address from Cate Lamb, director of water security, CDP.

CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies and cities. Its water security programme focuses on taking action to build a sustainable economy by measuring and understanding environmental impact. It estimates that the global market for low-carbon goods and services is $5.5tn.

The International Conference will take place the following day, 22 November. The keynote address will be from Cassie Sutherland, climate change adaption & sustainable development manager at Greater London Authority, who will discuss futureproofing best practice.

Other speakers include:

  • Martin Shoulder, Arup on climate adaptation and catchment management
  • Christopher Cooke, Savory Institute on the quest for an effective water cycle
  • Stuart Rothery, J Murphy & Sons on resiliency and the circular economy
  • Beverley Ferrara, The Water Council on collaboration in the face of competition
  • Jimmy Carter, Department for International Trade on international opportunities

Roundtables will yield ideas and solutions to the most urgent problems facing the global water industry and will feed into an action-based campaign in 2020. Topics will include catchment management, networks and leakage, resilience and regenerative planning, must-have technologies, zero carbon treatment processes, funding for water projects and many more.

There will also be an International Opportunities Showcase, featuring presentations from global contractors and consultants including SABESP and Iquá from Brazil, REAN from India, and DIT representatives from China and Iraq.

British Water chief executive Lila Thompson said: “We’re looking forward to welcoming international industry leaders to identify solutions to challenges posed by Tomorrow’s Water. At a time of political and economic uncertainty, it is important for us to highlight imminent international opportunities and funding streams, give our members the chance to connect with global water leaders and provide them with the tools needed to deliver tangible change.

“As an outcome of the two events, I hope we can compile a list of UK companies that can deliver actional solutions for future global projects.”

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