Innovative Intensifier Concept


KMT Waterjet Systems offers upgrade kits for users of the successful predecessors of the SL-V series, the STREAMLINE SL-I, SL-II and SL-IV.

Thanks to this, STREAMLINE units already in the field also may be upgraded to the new technology, saving wear and running costs, increasing uptime of the pump at the same time. Seal and Valve maintenance are replaceable in one step, saving precious operating time.

Success at Hannover Messe 2004

The first Hanover Spring fair presence of KMT Waterjet was successful in every aspect. New high pressure units with the HSEC-Design were introduced: the SL-V 50S Plus and the SL-V 50S Classic. New flyers and the exhibition stand design generated a lot of attention and were well received by the visitors.

Expectations regarding the quality and quantity of leads were exceeded by far. To summarize, KMT Waterjet Systems has recognized and capitalized on the opportunity to present its new face as the specialist and market leader in Waterjet Technology to a broad, international public.

About KMT

As an innovative pioneer in the field of aqua-jet cutting technology, KMT is esteemed and acclaimed around the world. Comprehensive know-how were gained from many years of experience in the field of aqua-jet cutting and a highly qualified range of products make KMT the ideal partner for every company which uses cold-cutting systems. The foundations stone for this revolutionary production technique on an industrial scale was laid in 1971 with the development of the first 4000 bar high-pressure pump. As a subsidiary of worldwide active KMT (KAROLINE MACHINE TOOL AB) the aqua-jet cutting system's division in Bad Nauheim is, with its know-how and high-quality products, the undisputed leader and much consulted specialist in practically all industries and product sectors in which cutting technology plays a role.

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