Innovative Inline and Block Pump Series by Wilo


There is one crucial criterion for pumps in building systems and plant technology: energy consumption. This is why efficiency is given focal attention in pump development at Wilo. And optimum energy efficiency is the outstanding characteristic of the new inline and block pump series IL, DL and BL.

Innovative Inline and Block Pump Series by Wilo

Höchster Wirkungsgrad für den Einsatz in Heizungs-, Kühl- und Kaltwasseranlagen: Die neue Inline- und Blockpumpenreihe Wilo-IL, DL, BL sorgt für niedrige Betriebskosten in Gebäuden und in industriellen Anlagen. _x000D_ _x000D_ Foto: Wilo GmbH, Dortmund_x000D_

Whether used for heating, refrigerating or cold water systems in buildings or in industry, the efficient dry running pumps keep operating costs right down low. And not only economic factors speak in favour of the Wilo series: the maturely developed hydraulic components minimum unpleasant flow noises too. The newly designed pump lantern brings added advantages for use in refrigerating technology: it is designed so that condensation is deflected with no surfaces susceptible to corrosion.

WILO-IL and -DL are inline pumps. The double pump DL with main and spare pump has the same compact dimensions as the individual pump IL. This makes it easier to exchange the pumps. The same also applies to the identical connector sets for both types of pump. The Wilo-BL pump in block design for foundation erection is also available with the same range of features.

Wilo-IL and -DL are also available with electronic control. These versions allow for additional energy savings, with fully variable adjustment of pumping capacity to the demands of the consumers. Another advantage: an IF module for retrofitting with communications interface makes it possible to connect the pumps up to the automated building control system.

About Wilo

Already today the Wilo group is more than just a fully assorted manufacturer and supplier of heating pumps and systems as well as in the fields of water supply and drainage. Wilo is part of the Wilo-Salmson group which, with a staff of over 2700 and an annual turnover in excess of DM 761 million, is one of the largest pump manufacturer worldwide. With a staff of 1540 and an annual turnover of DM 475 million Wilo is the largest group member within the Wilo-Salmson AG.

Source: WILO SE

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