Innovations of the Lutz High Viscosity Pump Program


Since many years the Lutz eccentric screw pumps of series B70V have proven successful for the transfer of a variety of different liquids in a wide range of industries. These pumps which are working according to the rotating positive displacement principle are utilised where a traditional process is not possible because of certain features of the liquids.

Innovations of the Lutz High Viscosity Pump Program

Lutz eccentric screw pumps of series B70V (Photo: Lutz Pumpen)

The continuous and low-pulsation operating principle allows a gentle pumping of thick, shear-sensitive and heavy flowable products. Due to the fact that no shearing force is impacted on the liquid being pumped it is also possible to transfer sensitive and solid containing liquids.

A typical field of application of the vertical Lutz B70 series is the liquid transfer from drums, containers and other mobile vessels. These robust high viscosity pumps from Wertheim however also have proven successful for a stationary emptying „from the top“. Due to the immersed vertical placement in the container opening the pumps are immediately ready for use. Pressure losses which occur in case of a horizontal placement in the suction line or its evacuation necessary before starting operation are therefore eliminated.

Drum drainage with increased pump capacity

Due to different sizes of the container openings, a manufacturer has certain limits regarding the dimensioning of the pump tube diameter and in consequence to the capacity of the pump. The max. achievable flow rate of a vertical high viscosity pump with customary bung hole drums was in the past under ideal conditions 50 L/min.

Now, the Lutz high viscosity pump B70V 75.1 sets new standards. Thanks to a special rotor-/stator geometry, a 50% capacity increase could be reached at unchanged dimensions and driving speeds. At the moment, Lutz is the sole manufacturer who is able to offer a transfer of viscous media with a max. flow rate of 75 L/min out of a bung hole drum. A considerable benefit for the customers concerning operating efficiency and saving of time. In addition to the industrial versions with NBR-light, Viton and PTFE stators, a 3-A PTFE version for the hygiene pump Lutz B70V Sanitary for food, pharma and cosmetics is available.

3-A Elastomer stator for hygiene pump B70V Sanitary

For the first time and as sole supplier Lutz offers an elastomer stator in conformity to 3-A Sanitary Standard 10-03 Class II and EC 1935/2004 for his hygiene pump B70V Sanitary. Thanks to a special vulcanisation treatment no solvent based binders are necessary for the production of the new EPDM stators and the usual gap between stator sleeve and elastomer also can be omitted. The new 3-A elastomer stator is especially for low viscous, solid-containing and abrasive media an ideal option to solid stators from PTFE.

New series for the high viscosity range

When pumping high viscous and heavy flowable media it must be guaranteed that the liquid has enough space and time to enter the rotor-/stator area. When selecting an unfavourable pump geometry and/or a too high drive speed, the filling degree between rotor and stator drops down and in worst case the volume flow will completely break off. Due to their adhesive, hardening and crystallising features many high viscous products are an additional challenge for pump manufacturers and users.

The completely new constructed series Lutz B70V 120.1 meets the high requirements of the upper performance segment. A generously dimensioned pump geometry and low speed ranges allow to transfer media up to the limit of flowability. The improved rinsing of the mechanical seal avoids debris at the sliding surfaces what is of great importance when handling adhesive or hardening media. The new hollow type rotor ensures smooth operation at a lower weight. The minimal dead-space design, the orbital welded and polished pump housing with Tri-Clamp connections allow an easy dismantling and cleaning of the liquid-wetted parts. A robust lantern with roller bearings and torsionally flexible claw type coupling ensures a safe power transmission of the IEC-motors onto the pump hydraulic.

A complete driving concept

New three-phase motors with parametrable frequency converters are enabling an infinitely speed control. The variable speed range allows an individual adjustment of the pump capacity to different application parameters e.g. delivery rate, viscosity and rheological behavior. Via a control panel at the frequency converter all important basic- and default settings e.g. start/stop, pumping- and emptying mode can be easily chosen and set at a touch of a button.An available programming software or a hand controller makes it possible to reset the default values at any time via an interface. This flexibility is a great benefit for specific customer requirements and changing application conditions.

The new motor quick action lock facilitates the handling of the pump. Clamping bolts allow a quick connection/disconnection of motor and pump tube. This facilitates the separate insertion/removal of the pump into/out of the container.

We at Lutz, have again completed our high viscosity pump program with innovations and a complete user-friendly solution concept in respect of performance, flexibility and reliability for pumping viscous media.

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