i-View 2.0: The Next Level in Telemetry


Water management is unavoidable in a countries abounding with water. In the interests of safety and environmental protection, it is necessary that you –as a participant in the management of water – are able to effectively manage your pumping stations, flood control, detention and settling at any time and place.

i-View 2.0: The Next Level in Telemetry

i-View 2.0 (Van der Linden Pomptechniek BV)

Whether your works involves the prevention of flooding, the monitoring of water quality or the drainage of surface water, up -to-the-minute information is indispensable for you!

IP communication

The new state of the art real-time telemetry system i-View 2.0 constantly collects, processes and displays all of the data that is importance to you automatically. I-View 2.0 is a complete web based user interface that makes use of IP communication. The use of IP means that you can use any infrastructure that supports internet access for your plants. For example, GPRS, UMTS, DSL, CAI and Fibreglass. This ensures that the system is constantly connected with all plants, allowing the user to view the actual status.

Microsoft Web 2.0 technology

What makes i-View 2.0 exceptional is that it works on the basis of modern 2.0 Web technology of Microsoft. i-View 2.0 makes use of Web 2.0 via modern open Microsoft web technology components such as ASP.NET and AJAX. Here, 2.0 means the technology used in the next phase of development of the world wide web.

Supplier and telemetry independent

The i-View 2.0 system communicates with all kind of PLCs and controllers from various manufacturers. Therefore, it doesn’t matter with which communication protocol it exchanges data. i-View 2.0 stores data in the Microsoft SQL database.

i-View 2.0 records the real-time data with the aid of IP communication, making I-view 2.0 the ultimate tool for Real Time Control. I-View 2.0 is thus taking telemetry to The Next Level!

The i-View 2.0 telemetry system is developed as SAAS software (Software as a Service) in the purpose to sell monthly licenses for the installations to end-users.

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