Hydraulic Institute Salutes Gunnar Hovstadius, PhD., as 2001 Member of the Year


PARSIPPANY, March 28, 2002 – Gunnar Hovstadius, PhD., Director of Technology for ITT Fluid Technology Corporation, based in Upper Saddle River, N.J., has been named the Hydraulic Institute (HI) 2001 Member of the Year. The award was presented to Dr. Hovstadius during a closing dinner at HI’s 85th Annual Meeting, held recently in Ft. Myers, Florida.

“Dr. Hovstadius has contributed significantly to the Institute’s organizational capabilities and accomplishments. For the last decade, his active involvement on committees, sage advice and strong leadership has been an organizational mainstay,” said Robert Asdal, executive director of HI. “He brings a unique global perspective to the table, having addressed literally thousands of pump users worldwide in seminars and having authored numerous articles for trade publications and web sites.”

According to HI President Ron Yates, Dr. Hovstadius has “led by example, encouraging other member companies to become more actively involved in HI programs and projects. For all of his tireless efforts on behalf of the Institute, the HI Board of Directors is pleased to honor him with the 2001 Member of the Year award.”

Among his many contributions, Dr. Hovstadius was instrumental in HI’s adoption of a policy of dual U.S. customary and metric units as the dimensional basis to the Institute’s standards, beginning with publication of the 1994 standards edition. He also helped forge a strong working relationship between HI and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), building on HI’s early role as a Charter Partner with the Motor Challenge program to the more recently strengthened Allied Partnership Agreement between HI and the DOE, signed in 2001.

As chairman of the HI Life Cycle Cost Committee, Dr. Hovstadius worked closely with Europump’s Enersave Committee and the DOE to develop the highly acclaimed “Pump Life Cycle Costs: A Guide to LCC Analysis for Pumps and Pumping Systems,” published jointly by HI and Europump in May 2001. The publication, which is having a major impact on how pump users, contractors and manufacturers are viewing the purchase and sale of pumps and pumping systems, now serves as the Institute model for future joint publication efforts.

During his years as an HI member, Dr. Hovstadius also served the following committees: Technical Liaison Committee, Vibration Work Group, Standards Committee, Metrication Subcommittee, Technical Affairs Steering Committee, Education Committee, Test Tolerance Work Group and Submersible Pump Committee. He is also the standards voting representative for the Centrifugal Pump Section for ITT Fluid Technology Corporation.

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