Highly Efficient Secondary Hot Water Circulation Pumps


Who has not experienced this? Rushing quickly into the bathroom in the morning to freshen up and then it takes ages until hot water finally flows from the tap. In most cases, a quite long pipe between the water heater and the tap is the cause.

Highly Efficient Secondary Hot Water Circulation Pumps

Wilo-Star-Z NOVA

Here, a secondary hot water circulation system offers decisive advantages. If it is planned at an early stage in a new construction or for renovation, comfort in the bathroom and the kitchen can be considerably increased. Hot water can be extracted from any tap in the house within shortest time by means of a circulation system in which a pump circulates the hot water. In a new construction, it should be planned for a better comfort. Due to hygienic reasons, it is even obligatory if the content in the pipe between the water heater and the tap is larger than three litres.

Old circulation pumps, however, involve considerable electricity costs in many existing systems. A new high-efficiency pump of the German pump expert Wilo provides comfort and hygiene at nearly no costs. The "Wilo-Star-Z NOVA" was particularly designed for the use in single-family houses and sets new standards for efficient water comfort. For a power consumption of only 2 to 4.5 Watt, electricity costs amount to only 8 Euros p. a. even if the pump operates around the clock.

The "Wilo-Star-Z NOVA" is suitable for the use in new secondary hot water circulation systems as well as for the replacement of old circulation pumps in existing systems. This is how electricity costs for the operation of secondary hot water circulation can be reduced by about 80 percent. Switching off the system at night by means of a time switch, as is done by many home owners, does not bring about such high energy savings compared to this and, in addition, it is risky due to hygienic reasons. The reason is that in stagnating water the legionella bacterium, which is dangerous for human beings, can rapidly replicate at temperatures between 30 and 45°C. This microbial contamination can be prevented by a continuous circulation and water temperatures between 55 and 60°C.

The early replacement of an old pump, which is not defective yet, pays off after a few years already.

Source: WILO SE

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