Higher performance for Rotary Vane Liquid Pump


Rietschle Thomas offers higher performance and life at attractive prices with a revised version of the rotary vane liquid pump FLG 01.

Higher performance for Rotary Vane Liquid Pump

Rotary vane liquid pump FLG 01 (photo: Rietschle Thomas)

Thanks to new injection moulded production parts it is more competitively priced than its predecessor and also reaches a lifetime of more than 1000 hours and a free flow of 1,3 l/min – this with dimensions of only 30 mm diameter, 68 mm length and a weight of 75 g.

The injection moulded pump head is made out of the high-performance plastic LCP (Liquid crystal polymer). The hydraulic data remain similar to its predecessor. The pump now, however, operates to 7 m H2O with an end pressure on 8 m H20. In addition improvements in the shaft seal have led to better corrosion resistance and lifetime.

The low cost pump is used in differing applications: It provides smoker trails for model aircraft, miniature liquid cooling of laser and plasma devices in medical and industrial fields, dispenses detergents and disinfectants, transports condensation and can also be used in fuel cells technology.

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