High-Efficiency Pumps Handle Tough Applications


MX Pumps have been engineered to meet the most severe applications of the industrial market. MX pumps are the first injection molded resin magnet drive pump which uses a split volute pump casing forming a vortex chamber.

High-Efficiency Pumps Handle Tough Applications

The volute design limits the hydraulic loss in the pump casing increasing overall pump efficiencies.

MX is also designed for tough applications. MX front casings incorporate reinforcement ribs extending from the periphery of the casing to the suction nozzle reducing potential for deflection of front casing from piping misalignment. Ribs are also used on the rear casing resulting in enhanced pressure retaining capability.

MX pumps are highly recommended for use in various production processes such as filtering, spraying, washing, plating, etching and scrubber applications.

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