Hand Pumps Provide Simple Yet Robust Performance


Where a liquids handling application requires a basic, yet very efficient hand operated pump, Pump Engineering provides the perfect solution with its new Pageboy HD14 pump. This hand operated diaphragm pump is suitable for pumping aggressive liquids such as acids and alkalis, including slurries or those containing suspended solids.

The HD14 pump is self-priming and very simple to operate and maintain. It benefits from a robust construction using materials such as Polypropylene or PTFE for the body, with diaphragm and valves in Butyl, Chloroprene, EPDM, Nitrile, or Viton.

Maximum flow rate is 45 lit /min (based on pumping water at 20ºC and dependent on the operator). Maximum head is 5 metres with a suction lift of 4 metres. HD14 pumps are suited to a wide range of general process and chemical duties and are also ideal for transferring hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide which are often used water treatment applications.

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