Hamworthy Pumps Wins Pump Contract for New Royal Navy Frigates

As a subcontractor for Babcock International Group, Hamworthy Pumps will supply the pump solutions for five highly specialised Type 31 military vessels
Hamworthy Pumps Wins Pump Contract for New Royal Navy Frigates

Babcock choose Hamworthy Pumps for new Royal Navy frigates. (Image source: Hamworthy Pumps)

By 2028, Babcock International Group will have built five new Type 31 frigates for the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy, and Hamworthy Pumps will supply the pump solutions.

With this contract, the two companies strengthen an already close and long-standing collaboration on deliveries to the government market in the UK. Including the Type 23 (Duke class) frigates, which were built from 1989 to 2002 and have proven their versatility in naval operations around the world.

“The Hamworthy business was founded in 1914 on Poole Quay in Dorset, and we are proud to once again have the opportunity to contribute to an important frigate programme in the United Kingdom. We are currently expanding our Poole capabilities, and this order shows that we have the right setup to handle large and complex projects in the region,” says Jim McGookin, key account manager at Hamworthy Pumps and responsible for the collaboration with Babcock International Group.

Navy segment in focus
The Babcock International Group contract includes the delivery of a total of 235 pumps over a five-year period. According to the newly appointed CEO, Hans Christiaan Laheij, the Type 31 programme will be an important reference in the coming years, with Hamworthy Pumps further increasing its focus on the Navy segment.

“Hamworthy Pumps has a long history as a supplier for naval projects and a significant installed base on military ships in the USA, Canada and the Netherlands, among others. In addition to the contract for the Type 31 frigates, we also have significant contracts for new ships for the US Navy. It gives us an excellent position to be considered for other upcoming naval projects,” says Hans Christiaan Laheij.

For example, a key element of the Type 31 programme is to supply a design with the potential to secure a range of export orders and thereby supporting the UK economy and UK jobs. If international customers wish to develop local build and support capabilities, Hamworthy Pumps will support a collaboration approach with a range of export strategies to maximise local in-country content.

The Type 31 programme consists of five general purpose frigates with a production cost of GB£ 250 million per unit. The T31 builds upon the already successful Iver Huitfeldt Global Frigate design, incorporating changes to provide a compliant and adaptable modern platform.

Hamworthy Pumps will deliver (per ship):
6* Fire Pump (Horizontal) & Motor unit
3* Chilled Water Circulation Pump & Motor unit
2* Ballast Pumps & Motor unit
2* D.O. Transfer Pumps & Motor unit
2* Hot Water Heater Circulation Pumps & Motor unit
4* S.W. Cooling Pump Auxiliary System & Motor unit
4* F.W. Cooling Pump Auxiliary System & Motor unit
3* S.W. Pump for Cooling Plant & Motor unit
2* F.W. Hydrophore Pump & Motor unit
2* F.W. Refilling Pump & Motor unit
1* S.W. Pump for Foam System & Motor unit
2* S.W. Pump for RO Plant & Motor unit
2* Hot Water Circulation Pump & Motor unit
1* Sewage Transfer Pump & Motor unit
1* Harbour SW Pump & Motor unit
1* L.O. Transfer Pump M.E. & Motor unit
1* L.O Transfer Pump D.G. & Motor unit
1* L.O. Transfer Pump - Gearbox/CPP & motor unit
2* Sludge Transfer Pump & Motor unit
1* Boat Fuel Supply Pump & Motor unit
1* Engine Room Bilge Pump & Motor unit
1* Urea Transfer Pump & Motor unit
2* Diesel Driven Fire Pump

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