Giant Valves For World’s Biggest Cooling System


The KSB Group is in the process of producing its biggest-ever symmetric butterfly valves, with an inside diameter of 3500 mm. The valves are destined for Ras Laffan, Qatar, where they will be installed in the world's biggest cooling system and have to handle some 300,000 m³ of water every hour.

The contract, worth some € 5 million, encompasses 130 Mammouth butterfly valves in sizes ranging from 950 mm to 3500 mm, and all of them will be equipped with electric actuators.

The elastomer liners made at the KSB facility La Roche Chalais in France cover the entire inside of the valve bodies. All valves of 1000 mm and larger will have a patented anti-fluttering system to keep their discs calm under turbulent flow conditions. In preparation for manufacture of the 3500-mm valves, KSB invested in some new production resources at its facility in Burgos, Spain. These include a new test floor for valves with diameters up to 4000 mm, some new casting patterns and a re-engineered disc.

Qatar Petroleum, the end user, is building a new, seawater-fed cooling system of exceptionally large capacity: It will serve four liquefaction trains, a petrochemical factory, a thermal power station and a desalination plant.

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