GF to enter strategic partnership with innovative British startup company

GF Piping Systems, a division of GF, has signed a partnership agreement with Oxford Flow Limited., based in Oxford (UK).

Its innovative pressure-regulating valve allows utility companies to reduce water loss, a major problem around the globe. As part of the agreement, GF will acquire in two steps a 23 percent minority stake in the company.

Due to aging infrastructure, non-revenue water (water that never reaches the customer due to leakages or other infrastructure problems) is a worldwide challenge for water utility companies both from sustainability and cost perspectives. The majority of utilities suffer water losses of between 20-50 percent, with annual revenue lost due to water leakages amounting to USD 14 billion.

One of the most effective solutions to reduce non-revenue water is the proper management of pressure in the water pipelines. Oxford Flow, a startup company founded in 2015 by a team from the Oxford University (UK), has developed a new pressure-regulating valve that can be used in various end markets. Part of the strategic partnership is an exclusive license for GF Piping Systems to manufacture and market Oxford Flow's pressure regulating valve in the water utility segment. Additionally, Oxford Flow and GF Piping Systems will collaborate to drive innovation in pressure management. Together with the existing product portfolio and upcoming innovations, GF Piping Systems will be able to offer its customers integrated solutions to help reduce water losses in the future.

The partnership is an important step for GF Piping Systems and will drive additional innovations. Oxford Flow’s technology will help reduce non-revenue water from operators’ distribution networks. By adding this technology to GF Piping Systems' portfolio, it strengthens the resilience of the entire water management cycle and addresses the need for safety, reliability, efficiency and hygiene in the distribution of this valuable resource.

As part of the agreement, GF will acquire a 23 percent minority stake in the company until 2021. Both parties have agreed not to disclose any financial details of the transaction.

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