Georg Senftl to Leave ViscoTec at the End of 2021

In July 2021, Franz Kamhuber already joined the ViscoTec top management and succeeded Georg Senftl as Managing Director in the commercial area. Until now, both of them have been steering the company's fortunes together with Martin Stadler, who is Managing Director for Technology. At the end of 2021, however, the time has come for Georg Senftl to retire.
Georg Senftl to Leave ViscoTec at the End of 2021

Georg Senftl to leave ViscoTec at the end of 2021 (Image source: ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH)

The long-standing managing director will be missed in the company. Not least as an absolute advocate of the strong, almost family-like cohesion of all employees.

Born in Upper Bavaria, he graduated from high school in Mühldorf and then studied electrical engineering with a focus on automation technology at the Technical University of Munich. His first professional steps took him to Munich-based companies active in the electronics and automotive sectors. However, his strong family roots in his homeland prompted him to look for a job in the region. He found it in 1994 at Resch Maschinenbau in Töging: As a sales engineer for progressive cavity pumps.

In 1997, the pump department at Resch was separated as a stand alone unit. And so, Georg Senftl, together with Vinzenz Gantenhammer, was appointed managing director of the newly founded ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH. After the first – economically very difficult – years, the ViscoTec endless piston principle became established, and the advantages of the technology became known in the dosing technology market. Especially the inception of the preeflow brand in 2008 and the associated portfolio brought the desired growth for ViscoTec.

"One of the central ideas is and always has been a distinctive, real customer proximity. In order to be able to offer our international customers excellent service and advice, sales subsidiaries were established in the USA, Singapore, China, India and France starting in 2009. These subsidiaries make a significant contribution to the revenue, which now exceeds 60 million euros," says Georg Senftl about the further development of ViscoTec.

When asked what motivated him to stay at ViscoTec from its inception until his retirement, he has a simple answer: "For me, there was no reason to change. There is no more interesting work with such exciting tasks, where you never get bored and with which you also achieve the hoped-for success."

For the time after ViscoTec, he is looking forward to more time for himself and his family. Without the stress of deadlines and discussions about daily business life. He wishes his successor Franz Kamhuber and his former co-managing director Martin Stadler always a lucky touch in all decisions, so that ViscoTec will continue to grow and prosper in the future. And a final piece of advice to all colleagues is: "Take the customers' wishes seriously and make them happy. But also make sure that there is enough room for family, friends and enjoying life besides work!"

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