Framo Supplies Marine Pumping Systems to Large Offshore Wind Farm

The Alfa Laval company Framo will supply pumping systems for foundations of Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm project. It is the second order for pumping systems in this application and marks an important milestone as it applies the company’s extensive experience from the offshore industry to renewable energy applications.
Framo Supplies Marine Pumping Systems to Large Offshore Wind Farm

Framo suction anchor pumping system (SAPS) in action. (Image source: Framo/Nagelld)

The order from Saipem, a global leader in engineering, drilling and construction in the energy and infrastructure sectors, comprises Framo pumping systems. They will be used in a so-called suction bucket technology in the installation of Seagreen, Scotland’s largest offshore wind park. Once finalized it will include 114 turbines producing 1075 MW to supply 1.3 million households with low-carbon energy. Framo pumping system technology will secure and safely anchor the wind turbine platforms to the seabed.

“This second order for our Framo pumping systems used in suction bucket foundations to wind farms is an important milestone for us as it cements our position in this application and takes our long-proven and validated technology from offshore oil platforms to renewable applications,” says Sameer Kalra, President of the Marine Division in Alfa Laval. “Our knowledge and experience from delivering innovative and reliable products to the offshore industry is now also making a difference within renewable energy, to the benefit of our customers and the environment.”

Suction anchor technology has an environmentally friendly footprint. Besides lowering costs due to the increased installation speed, the concept provides for easy decommissioning and a practically noise-free installation.

The technology of suction and bucket foundation has secured and safely anchored platforms and offshore installations around the world since the 1990s. Now, the concept of bucket foundation has been adapted for offshore wind turbines foundations. Framo is meeting the market demand by offering complete pumping systems required for the installation of the turbine foundations.

Source: Framo AS

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