Flowserve Pump Division Publishes Hydrocarbon Processing market brochure


The Flowserve Pump Division has published a new full color, 16-page Hydrocarbon Processing market brochure that showcases the world’s most complete line of API 610 pumps with the widest range of hydraulic coverage, pressure and temperature capabilities.

Flowserve Pump Division Publishes Hydrocarbon Processing market brochure

Hydrocarbon Processing Bulletin

The bulletin highlights the features and benefits of Flowserve’s hydrocarbon processing pumps, which are designed for such refining and petrochemical processing services as: fluid separation, high temperature feed, power recovery and tank farm transfer. Also featured are special purpose pumps and systems including: cryogenic liquid expanders for LNG production, reactor circulating systems for ebullated catalyst bed hydrocrackers, and hydraulic decoking systems used in delayed decokers.

For more information about Flowserve’s new Hydrocarbon Processing brochure or any Flowserve hydrocarbon processing products contact:

Flowserve Corporation

Pump Division

4978 Riverton Rd.

Dayton, OH 45414

Telephone: (800) 728-7867

Fax: (937) 890-5314

E-Mail: fpdinfo@flowserve.com

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