Flowserve Pump Devision introduces new Polyshield Baseplate and Foundation System


Flowserve Pump Division is introducing its new Polyshield Baseplate and Foundation System, which is designed from a polymer mix using epoxy resins.

Flowserve Pump Devision introduces new Polyshield Baseplate and Foundation System

(Source: Flowserve)

This system combines into one complete unit the traditional baseplate and formed concrete foundation for pump-driver sets. With its unique design, the Polyshield system is the superior solution over metal baseplates and concrete foundations for cost-effective, high-performance pump installation.

The Polyshield Baseplate and Foundation System features one-piece construction, flat mounting surfaces and a one-piece motor mounting block. By darmatically minimizing any field rework necessary to meet jobsite specifications, this unit offers quick and easy installation in 1 1/2 to 2 days. Other installation savings benefits include: one-time economical fill with concrete in lieu of expensive groutings, minimal edge forming and locked-in alignment.

Providing significantly improved chemical resistance to aggressive liquids, the Polyshield Baseplate-Foundation System also offers reduced life cycle cost from higher unit performance in the form of:

  • High vibration dampening characteristics
  • Lower maintenance of baseplate and foundation.

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