Flowserve MEN/ME Family of Water Pumps Updated to Meet New Energy Efficiency Standards


Flowserve Corporation announced that its MEN/ME family of end suction water pumps has been updated to meet the new ecodesign regulations set by the European Commission.

In some cases, hydraulic redesign was performed using the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools, in conjunction with the broad experience of Flowserve in pump hydraulics. All 47 sizes of MEN/ME water pumps now meet the Minimum Efficiency Index (MEI) required by the new regulations and feature IE3 motor integration for added efficiency.

"Flowserve is dedicated to providing its customers around the world with energy-efficient products. This update to our MEN/ME family of end suction water pumps aligns with our global focus on energy saving and our commitment to offer efficient, high-performance products to our customers in the European Union," said Bob Hendricks, President, Industrial Pump Operations.

The new regulations state that all rotodynamic water pumps designed for pumping clean water, with a power rating up to 150 kW (201 HP) and within a certain range of suction-specific speeds (Ns), must be in compliance with limitations on pressure, power, speed and size in order to be CE marked and sold in the European Union. The regulations were announced by the European Commission in 2012, with energy efficiency benchmarks to be first implemented in 2013 and then increased in 2015.

In addition to these hydraulic updates, Flowserve will continue to help customers select the best pumping solutions by the use of optimum impeller sizing and variable frequency drives (VFDs), as appropriate.

The MEN/ME family of end suction water pumps has long been the preferred choice for general purpose water applications because of their versatility, dependability and interchangeability. Applications for the MEN/ME family of end suction water pumps include water circulation, water supply, water treatment, irrigation, drainage, filter cleaning, fire protection, general industry, HVAC and light chemical.

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