Flowserve Introduces Heavy-duty LPS Pneumatic Actuator for Oil and Gas Applications With Industry-leading Design Life


Flowserve Corporation announced the launch of the Limitorque Pneumatic Scotch Yoke (LPS) actuator. Designed for heavy-duty, quarter-turn service in the oil and gas industry, the LPS paves the way for numerous planned fluid-powered valve actuation products designed and built by a dedicated Flowserve Limitorque operation in Milan, Italy.

Designed with a high-strength, compact scotch yoke torque module, the LPS is capable of delivering up to 250 kNm (184 000 ft-lb) of torque with minimal wear and maximum efficiency. Special designs provide torque capabilities to 800 kNm (590 000 ft-lb). Available in single-acting spring return or double-acting configurations, its robust construction is suitable for pressure inputs to 12 bar (174 psi) and operation from -60 C (-76 F) to 160 C (320 F). The LPS offers an unparalleled operating reliability, as demonstrated by maintenance intervals up to six years or as prescribed in EN 15714, and an industry leading design life of 24 years. The long design life has allowed Flowserve Limitorque to offer warranty terms over and above typical industry standards for this product category.

The launch includes controls packages in both standard and custom configurations, ensuring precise torque control and safety functionality. Combined with the advanced features of the LPS actuator, end users benefit from ultra-fast actuator response in emergency shutdown, isolation and modulating flow control applications.

Flowserve designed and manufactured the LPS actuator in accordance with: IP66/IP66M and IP67/IP67M per EN60529; IP68 upon request; NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X per NEMA 250; and EN 15714-3. Information is available from Flowserve Limitorque regarding product compliance for ATEX, PED, ASME, SIL and GOST.

"When we first conceived strategically expanding our Limitorque portfolio to include heavy-duty, fluid-powered actuators, it was clear the oil and gas industry was going to drive the design and safety standards to which the most reliable products must be developed," stated Eric van Gemeren, vice president, Flowserve Research and Development. "By assembling the industry s most renowned and respected group of experts and providing them with the resources for rapid product development, we are quickly bringing to market products that meet or exceed the industry standards and customer acceptance criteria that define today s performance and safety requirements," he added.

"We are very pleased to expand the Limitorque portfolio to include fluid-powered actuators that will leverage the strong Flowserve Limitorque brand, and global operations and sales networks," stated Lynn White, director and general manager of operations and sales, Limitorque.

In addition to designing and manufacturing breakthrough products, Flowserve Limitorque will provide a full array of application engineering, customer service and aftermarket support for the LPS and other fluid-powered products through its established global sales and distribution network.

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