Flowserve Awarded Important Order


Flowserve has been awarded the contract to supply Main Steam Isolation Valves (MSIV) and Main Feedwater Isolation Valves (MFIV) for the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant in Finland. Olkiluoto 3 is a Generation 3+ (GEN 3+) Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR), the first such nuclear power plant design being built in the world.

Teollisuuden Voima Oy, the electric utility company of Finland, required the selection of a valve supplier whose products could maintain exceptionally high levels of operational safety in compliance with the demanding requirements of the Finnish Nuclear Regulatory Agency (STUK).

"We are very pleased that Flowserve products and technology were selected for this state-of-the-art nuclear power facility, said Tom Pajonas, President of Flowserve Flow Control. As a leader in our industry, we are always positioned to help our customers with their most difficult application needs".

AREVA NP of Paris, France, is supplying the EPR plant technology for Olkiluoto 3. The EPR concept has been designed and developed by AREVA NP, in conjunction with French and German technology partners.

The AREVA EPR is a well-proven GEN 3+ design based on more than a thousand reactor years of safe operation of the French N4 and German Konvoi fleets. The EPR provides the greatest degree of safety for multiple 21st century scenarios. The EPR's double-walled containment, physical separation of four independent safety trains, core melt retention system and many other innovative features are designed to respond to severe accident challenges.

The service life of the EPR GEN 3+ nuclear plant has been extended to 60 years, instead of 40 years for AREVA's previous reactor designs. The electrical power supplied by the EPR will be approximately 1600 MWe, significantly exceeding the 1450 MWe provided by earlier plant designs.

Flowserve's Edward line of control products were selected for these challenging requirements due to their long-standing, exceptional safety record.

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