Flowserve Announces New Mobile Device App for Gestra Products


Flowserve Corporation announced the launch of a new Android 4 and IOS 5 app - Gestra CALCUquick - which is a calculation program for users in the field of steam and condensate technology.

Gestra CALCUquick is a free application for its mobile customers with Android 4 or IOS 5 systems. CALCUquick provides unit calculations such as pressure, temperature, length, mass, volume, flow rate, output and enthalpy. In addition, the app provides steam parameter calculations such as saturated steam table, overheating temperature, saturated steam losses, amount of coolant and output flow rate of safety valves.

Flowserve Gestra is recognized as a global leader in the design and production of valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control. Gestra products and services provide a full line of steam solutions for all commercial and industrial applications where steam is generated, distributed, or used.

To download the app, please visit our service and support website. You can also click on the Google Play store or App Store icons to download the App to your mobile device.

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