Flowrox Establishes a Subsidiary in Russia


Flowrox Group, which is specializing in high technology industrial valves and pumps for demanding end-uses, has established their subsidiary in Moscow. The company called Flowrox LLC started their operation as of mid September.

“This is a significant step to improve the services and the supply of our products to our customers and partners in Russia and the CIS countries. With our own local organization we can offer high quality customer services and manage the distribution of our highly appreciated products to Russia very efficiently”, says Mr. Kauko Tanninen, the newly appointed Managing Director of Flowrox LLC. Mr. Tanninen knows the Russia and the CIS markets very well as he has been acting as the Flowrox Group’s Regional Sales Manager located in Moscow already since many years. There will also be a team of local sales professionals in addition to Mr. Tanninen to secure that the needs of the customers can be fully met.

Establishing a subsidiary in Russia is part of Flowrox Group’s internationalization strategy. “The company has continued their internationalization path and expanded their service and sales office network especially in growth markets. The aim is to be close to the customers to secure fluent cooperation and dialogue with them. In addition, Flowrox has invested in larger product range and effective after-sales services during the past years”, says Mr. Tanninen. Today, Flowrox is an appreciated brand and benchmark in its field world-wide.

“We all look forward to a good and smooth cooperation with our customers in Russia and the CIS countries and hope that our customers learn to trust, appreciate and value the local services and the value-adding products of Flowrox. We want to offer the best possible service and support for our customers in their various and demanding valve and pump related needs”, concludes Mr. Tanninen.

Source: Flowrox Oy

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