Flexible Data Exchange with Pump Selection Software


VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE – leading supplier of pump selection software, presents the Spaix ProjectAdapter. The data exchange module connects the Spaix PumpSelector with any other software system such as SAP or MS Navision.

Flexible Data Exchange with Pump Selection Software

Spaix V2 is unique in its variety of functions since complex selection algorithms guarantee a more efficient configuration of centrifugal pumps and functions for curve corrections according to the motor performance, LCC calculation and quote preparations are also integrated in Spaix.

Using the Spaix ProjectAdapter in combination with the classical Spaix programs makes working with the pump selection software so much more effective and the advantages of an automated data exchange are obvious:

  • avoiding double entries
  • eliminate the possibility of human error
  • optimize data editing
  • save valuable time


Project data and technical information can be transferred in external applications through the project adapter interface, which can be configured individually. As a result, the user can work with all technical and commercial data used in the Spaix PumpSelector.

Various data formats

The project interface is available in two versions:

  • With the first version text based files, which are generally used in ERP applications, e.g. ASCII or XML files can be created.
  • The alternative version uses the XLS interface to transfer project data into Excel files.

Flexible use

The interface can be configured individually through recipe files. In the process, the user can define which Spaix fields are to be assigned to the target application. Therefore, the same fields that are also used in Spaix data sheets or product descriptions will be available.

Redundant double entries can be avoided due to the automated data exchange. Consequently, valuable time is saved and the possibility of human error is eliminated. Information is easily transferred into the in-house ERP application so that the data can be stored in a central system. On demand the updated information can be transferred back into the PumpSelector, for example in XLS or CEF format.

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VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE is the specialist for software and Internet solutions for the pump industry. The company develops applications to select and configure components and systems such as pumps, valves and pipes. These software solutions mainly serve pump manufacturers and pump users to optimize business processes by combining technical configurations with commercial aspects such as price calculation and project management. The Company, which was founded in 1995 with headquarters in Dresden, Germany is the market leader in pump selection software and has world wide business relations to companies with focus on the pump and chemical industry. The world’s largest pump manufacturers like ABS, EBARA, ITT Industries, KSB, and Wilo-Salmson are among its clients.

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