Fast Claw Coupling for Gearbox Test Benches


Anyone involved in the building of test benches for drives places extremely high requirements on the components incorporated therein: This is hardly surprising given that so much depends on their reliability, durability and efficiency. This is why Reich Kupplungen takes particular pride in the further development of a proven claw coupling into a strong high speed product for gearbox test benches.

Fast Claw Coupling for Gearbox Test Benches

Today s industrial gearboxes and vehicle transmissions largely owe their tremendously high efficiency and long service life to test benches on which they are checked and further developed by creative designers prior to their first series application. It is for these high-tech installations that the Bochum-located Dipl.-Ing. Herwarth Reich GmbH has developed the proven claw coupling MMS 100 into a high speed product (nominal torque 1250 Nm; max. speed 16000

"For this product, we could draw on our decades of experience in test bench couplings", explains managing director Dipl.-Ing. Christian Reich. This new development is in line with our guiding principle and recipe of success Designed to Customer D2C. The objective was to develop a connecting element for a test bench in the form of a torsionally flexible coupling which transmits a nominal torque of 1250 Nm at a maximum speed of 10000 r.p.m. between the electric motor and the gearbox. The response from the Reich design department is the high speed claw coupling MMS 100 F1. 75i L100. This further development is a highlight in a product family whose roots extend way back to 1958. MMS stands for the Multi Mont Sella series which already comprises standard designs for a multitude of different types of construction for numerous applications (nominal torques from 40 to 30000 Nm; max. speeds from 520 to 7100 r.p.m.). The new light-weight design made of aluminium reduces the stresses resulting from centrifugal force. This is one of the essential features of the new claw coupling which, when used at a maximum speed of 16000 r.p.m., is now the fastest transmission element of the MMS series.

Picture: Powerful transmission at high speed: The claw coupling MMS 100 F1. 75i L100 acting in gearbox test benches as a powerful and fast transmission element between the electric motor and the gearbox at a maxium torque of 1250 Nm and a maxium speed of 16000 r.p.m. (Image: Reich Kupplungen)

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