Experience Modular Diversity With Herborner Pumpen

Herborner Pumpen presents a new type of modular pump system for wastewater management. This is an individualized and highly variable generation of pumps which are marketed by Herborner under the brand name of “CENTURIO”. The combination of frugal innovation and an intelligent modular concept is what makes these market-oriented and highly efficient products possible.
Experience Modular Diversity With Herborner Pumpen

Frugal innovation paired with intelligent modular logic: the CENTURIO pump series. (Image source: Herborner Pumpentechnik GmbH & Co KG)

The variance and variability of pump hydraulics as well as the materials are a source of almost infinite combination possibilities for every wastewater application and every budget. The tried and tested coating technology and energy-efficient hydraulics enable an optimum conservation of resources and the high-efficiency motors which are utilized also encourage sustainable wastewater operations. In addition to the renowned durability of Herborner products in wastewater technology, the innovative pump design provides a number of installation options and sealing variations. Due to innovative monitoring technologies and cloud solutions, the pumps from the CENTURIO series pave the way for completely new solutions in the digitalization for pump systems. Various real-time monitoring and services are available to customers via HP.INTELLIGENCE, which make process-related optimization, spare parts and the specialists from Herborn available with just one mouse click.

“With this new generation of pumps, future-oriented wastewater companies now have almost complete freedom in designing their pump systems while simultaneously increasing their sustainability. We are pleased that we can now also provide our efficient solutions as an intelligent modular system in this important area,” says Technical Director Sascha Korupp when speaking about the new system in the CENTURIO pump series.

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