Exhibitor Highlights at PSA 2002


The long-running PSA 2002 show series presents the most timely and comprehensive gathering of the leading industry players to meet with their targeted trade visitors.

CAPRARI SpA (Hall 3, Booth No. 3440)

Established in 1945, Caprari has enlarged its initial production of irrigation pumps to cover centrifugal pumps and electric pumps where high quality planning and production have enabled the company to achieve a leading position in the sector through a constant increase in turnover and continual demanding additions to the production range.

Caprari presents:

K Series: A range of pumps in constant progressto assure a proper solution for all needs. Always punctual in offering a wider choice of services for waste water treatment, Caprari, has integrated the original production range of submersible pumps for sewage with a variety of newly designed models: more flow and head are now available.

New corrosion-proof 6" submersible pumps: E6X and E6VX high quality, reliable construction, up-most performances and efficiency. Research into increasingly higher performances along with the growing need for application in heavy duty conditions, has encouraged Caprari to design and produce a new series of 6" submersible pumps with extremely innovative characteristics. Reliability, superb performance and easy maintenance are the main features of the new E6X and E6VX pumps allowing users to considerably reduce the overall running costs.

Cemp International SpA (Hall 3, Booth No. 3628)

CEMP INTERNATIONAL, a leading Italian manufacturer of electric motors and electric pumps, has developed the most comprehensive range of electric motors for hazardous areas:

- flameproof (EEx-d, EEx-de)

- increased safety (EEx-e)

- non sparking" (EEx-nA)

Its production and testing system is certified according to ISO 9001 norms. CEMP's customer service ensures punctual deliveries, technical competence and a flexible organisation.

CEMP is introducing the new generation of flameproof motors atex compliant. These motors are certified in compliance with the European Directive ATEX (94/9 EC) and with Euromorn EN 50.014, 50.018, 50.019.

They are manufactured using the latest expertise gained over thirty years in the production of hazardous areas electric motors. These machines are designed for complete compatibility with drive applications using a frequency inverter.

Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Emilia (Italy) - S.IN.IM. - International Business Services

S.IN.IM. is an international promotion and marketing service that organises events aimed at the promotion of its local products, development and implementation of projects for international co-operation and so on. S.IN.IM. will be hosting a pavilion at PSA 2002, with the following exhibitors participating under its umbrella:

  • Prattisoli Pompe (Hall 3, Booth No. 3631)Prattisoli Pompe is a manufacturer of high-pressure water plunger pumps and related accessories. The pump range includes flow rates of up to 420 l/m, pressures of up to 1500 bar and power of up to 150 HP.
  • Speroni SpA (Hall 3, Booth No. 3627)Speroni SpA is a leading producer of water pumps for domestic-agriculture and industrial use.
  • DALLAI ERNESTO Srl (Hall 3, Booth No. 3633)DALLAI produces 6 types of quick couplings in galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Due to production capacity, expertise in manufacturing and product quality, DALLAI Srl has become the main producer of couplings in the world, aiming to produce 1,000,000 complete sets per year in any size or material. Besides the couplings to be welded on pipes, the production includes foot valves and fittings.
  • JET SpA (Hall 3, Booth No. 3638)JET SpA - Italy, operating under ISO 9001 certification, specialises in high quality submersible borehole pumps and vertical turbine pumps with external diameter from 6" to 22". JET SpA is also a manufacturer of 2 poles and 4 poles submersible rewindable motors of up to 400 HP, 300 KW in both 50 HZ and 60 HZ. Its production range also includes high head and high capacity multistage centrifugal pumps in horizontal and vertical versions.
  • Nicolini & C. Srl (Hall 3, Booth No. 3634)Nicolini & C. Srl is a producer of AC asynchronous electric motors, both singlephase and threephase. Our productions range from unified electric motors to special motors on customer drawings, to marine motors, motors with brakes, motors for dangerous conditions and so on.
  • IPERSOM Srl (Hall 3, Booth No. 3637)Over the years, IPERSOM has acquired a vast wealth of unrivalled experience in the pumping industry with particular attention to technological innovations, manufacturing processes, market analysis and protection of the environment. IPERSOM features their electric submersible pumps for sewage and drainage with vortex, single and double channel impeller for motors from 0.37 to 22 KW. A wide range in standard, explosion proof, low voltage executions manufactured in cast iron, casted bronze or stainless steel for aggressive and corrosive liquids are available.
  • Rovatti Pompe SpA (Hall 3, Booth No. 3635)Since 1953, Rovatti Pompe has been synonymous with the production of high quality pumps. Over the years, the company has diversified its activities from the production of pumps for agricultural applications to include pumps for industry, drainage and sewage. Rovatti's mission is to work as a worldwide partner in any project involving pumps and pumping systems. The combination of experience, technology and efficiency makes Rovatti Pompe the ideal choice.

Cheonsei Ind. Co Ltd (Hall 3, Booth No. 3772)

Cheonsei Ind. Co Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers for chemical metering and dosing pumps and have been involved in various industrial fields in the Korean market for 20 years. We are involved in chemical diaphragm metering and dosing pumps, magnet pumps, pH meter controllers, air operated diaphragm pumps and other various equipments for chemical handling. When it comes to the metering pump field, we have over 70% share of the Korean market and have already advanced into various countries to cover the overseas market.

CIMM Srl (Hall 3, Booth No. 3515)

CIMM Srl has been dealing since 1968 in the thermohydraulic field and it is, today, one of the major leaders in the international field of over 500 models of tanks with membrane which ranges from 165 to 5000 litres. CIMM’s production boasts of a complete range of expansion tanks and pressure tanks to solve any specific need in the civil and industrial fields. The products have achieved approvals from the most important international certification organisations. CIMM therefore offers unique and reliable products of certain guarantee.

CIMM’s virtue is to offer products which represents real reliability and quality whereby materials are highly selected. For instance, the membranes, actual heart of the tanks, are analysed and tested by the most qualified public health organisations in Italy and in the rest of the world.

Clarke Fire Protection Products Inc (Hall 3, Booth No. 3647 - USA Pavilion)

Clarke Fire Protection Products IncClarke Fire Protection Products designs, manufactures and markets diesel engines for stationary emergency standby fire pumps. Certification requirements include UL/FM, NFPA, LPC, CP52, VDS, NVBB, ApSAD, VAS, AS 2490 and so on. Clarke can provide bases, cooling loops, instrument control panels, drive shafts and couplings with the engines from our facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio USA or Coatbridge Scotland, UK.

DOSEURO Srl (Hall 3, Booth No. 3552)

DOSEURO manufactures and commercialises mechanical metering pumps, electronic metering pumps, mixers, dosing units and polymer preparation systems. DOSEURO’s long experience in the chemical dosing field and commercial sensitivity are aimed at customer’s satisfaction, made possible by a strong company structure. Our products work in thousands of plants all overthe world and this confirms DOSEURO’s success.

DOSEURO’s mechanical metering pumps have competitive price-quality ratio, easy adjustment, high reliability made possible by rigorous testing and constant quality control.

DP-Pumps (Hall 3, Booth No. 3525)

When the highest standards of knowledge, quality and service are required, DP-Pumps is there to serve. Our pumps and systems withstand the most severe quality controls and are backed by a world of experience gathered over 50 years in the field. As a manufacturer and consultant in one, DP-Pumps takes care of water supply systems at the highest requirement level in more than 70 countries. Wherever you require water, we offer you the assurance of a trouble-free and continuous supply. With our extensive product line, we offer a tailor made solution for nearly every application.

Finder Pompe SpA (Hall 3, Booth No. 3620)

Finder Pompe celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. We are an Italian manufacturing company and is part of Finder, an Italian Group that owns and controls several companies that successfully operates in the pumps, compressors and instrumentation fields.

Finder Pompe manufactures:

• centrifugal pumps according to API 610, VIII edition, to ISO 5199/ ISO 2858 and to DIN 24255 norms

• centrifugal process pumps for food evaporators

• centrifugal vortex pumps

• circulation pumps for diathermic oils

• liquid ring vacuum pumps and units

• hose pumps for low, medium and high pressure

• positive displacement blowers also available in package units with protective hoods

Finder Pompe has re-designed the acoustic hood for its blowers; the new hood is a heavy duty one, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It can be easily handled and positioned as it is easily lifted by a traditional trans-pallet. The panels of the hood can be individually removed, thus enabling an easy access to the blower package with no need to disassemble the whole structure.

FlexWave International (Hall 3, Booth No. 3549)

FlexWave is a manufacturer and marketer of Pressure vessels for Booster, heating and cooling applications.

FlexWave presents the Challenger Series. These tanks are the industry’s fighting brand and one of the most popular tanks in the market. Efficient and cost-effective, Challenger tanks are designed with a patented controlled action, double diaphragm assembly that completely contains drawdown water. These tanks have a threaded nut for easy installation of pump stand, a welded malleable elbow (stainless steel on “GC Series”) and an adjustable air charge. Clean, airtight welds are achieved using the most modern welding equipment available. Challenger tanks are completed with an appliance quality paint finish over epoxy primer coat, which combines durability with high luster.

Franklin Electric Co (Hall 3, Booth No. 3641 - USA Pavilion)

Franklin Electric Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of submersible electric motors. Submersible motors are used primarily for water well pumping systems, but are also used in underground gasoline storage pumping systems. Franklin is also a leading producer of engineered specialty electric motor products and electronic controls used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world, in a wide variety of residential, industrial and municipal applications.

Franklin Electric presents its Severe Duty Submersible Motor: Franklin Electric’s answer to the demands of harsh applications and severe environments. SD Motors are ideally used on offshore rigs, geothermal wells, and mining applications.

Greene, Tweed & Co Pte Ltd (Hall 3, Booth No. 3711)

Greene, Tweed Singapore is a wholly owned subsidiary of Greene, Tweed & Co Inc, headquartered in Kulpsville, Pennsylvania. We specialise in the designs and productions of innovative, high performance seals for demanding fluid components and systems for more than 135 years. We operate with a mission, “inspired employees delighting customers”. We are also recognised as the world leader in high-performance sealing technology due to stringent control measures throughout the entire seal creation process from concept to production of its specialty seals and engineered plastic components.

No one knows more about applying polymeric sealing technology to the chemical and petrochemical processing industries than Greene, Tweed. The family of thermoplastics increases pump efficiency through reduced clearances, superior chemical resistance and their unique non-galling/ non-seizing properties.

Grundfos (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Hall 3, Booth No. 3140)

With an annual production of 10 million pump units, Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers. Circulator pumps (UP), submersible pumps (SP), and centrifugal pumps (CR) are the three major product groups. Today, Grundfos is the world’s largest manufacturer of circulator pumps, covering approximately 50% of the world market for these pumps.

In addition to pumps, Grundfos manufactures electric motors for the pumps and has considerable production of electric motors for separate merchandising. Furthermore, Grundfos develops and sells state-of-the-art electronics for controls for pumps and other systems.

Haskel International Inc (Hall 3, Booth No. 3644 - USA Pavilion)

Haskel International Inc of Burbank, California, USA, has over 55 years of experience in the hydraulic/ pneumatic field and manufactures a wide range of electrically driven metering pumps, air-driven liquid pumps, gas boosters, air pressure amplifiers and accessory equipments used throughout the industry for a variety of applications.

Haskel is supported by a global network of subsidiaries, offices and distributors around the world. We also manufacture standard and purpose built systems for that “total solution”.

Applications include all types of liquid and gas pressure testing of hoses, valves, vessels, gas containers, helium leak detection, chemical metering, gas transfer, fluid power, boostering plant air pressure, CFC recovery and charging, SF6 recycling and many more.

Haskel presents the Haskel EVI electrically driven metering pump. It is field convertible with interchangeable hydraulic and liquid end cartridges which reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

Leader Pumps Group SpA (Hall 3, Booth No. 3519)

Leader Pumps Group manufactures electrical water pumps for water gardening and domestic applications. We specialise in the use of composite materials and it is well structured to serve OEM and Private Label projects from the development of product, packaging and marketing concept to production.

Leader Pumps features the SUPERPOND, a submersiblepump, suitable to circulate water in garden ponds andcreate waterfalls and fountains. It works either in vertical or horizontal positions.

Moeller Antriebstechnik GmbH/VEM Motors GmbH (Hall 3, Booth No. 3520)

Moeller Antriebstechnik GmbH (formerly F&G) is a leading manufacturer of high and low voltage explosion-proof motors for the chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas industries. Moeller has a wide network of agents and offices, which offers a seamless business proposition from enquiry to delivery in Asia, with particular emphasis on the service capability.

Since 1947, VEM Motors GmbH, with its factories in Germany manufactures Low Voltage Three Phase Motors with Squirrel-cage and Slipping rotor. VEM offers its customers the first call through to after-sales service, the perfect solution with customised and competitive electrical machines and drives for every application.

PEDROLLO SpA (Hall 3, Booth No. 3559)

PEDROLLO is involved in the production of electric water pumps, from 0.5 to 25 HP, for domestic, civil, industrial and agricultural applications. Our range includes drainage and sewage pumps, submersible and shallow well pumps. PEDROLLO has distribution in 160 countries with a yearly production of nearly 200,000 units.


• Installation in reduced space

• Very low noise

• Electric motor is directly cooled by the liquid

• Waterproof

• Impermeable

Peerless Pump Company (Hall 3, Booth No. 3645 - USA Pavilion)

Sterling Fluid Systems (USA) Inc has a complete line of quality centrifugal, horizontal and vertical pumps, engineered systems & packages supported by full service engineering and global sales network. Under the various brands, Sterling is the world’s largest supplier and recognised fire market leader of listed and approved UL, FM, NFPA fire pumps, systems and packages; meeting all international specifications.

Sterling Fluid Systems, under the Peerless and LaBour brands offers pumps for any fluid handling need, including: Fire protection, pulp and paper, gas, municipal, industrial, agricultural, construction, HVAC, pollution control, water and general service.

Pentair Pump Group (Hall 3, Booth No. 3425)

Pentair Pump Group is a world leader in the manufacturing and supplying of pumps. Our products serve in a wide variety of applications around the globe. We offer a complete line of regenerative turbine, centrifugal, non-clog, grinder, sump, jet, vertical turbine, fire and swimming pool pumps and accessories. In addition, we customise our pumps and systems to meet your specific requirements for municipal, industrial, commercial/ HVAC, fire protection, residential and agricultural applications. The Pump Group consists of the following brands: Aurora, Fairbanks Morse, F.E. Myers, Hydromatic, Layne/Verti-Line and Pac-Fab. We have an extensive worldwide distributor network dedicated to meet your pump needs.

Pentair Pump Group features the F.E. Myers Emerald Elite constant pressure water system, which is now available for private well installations. The patented one piece pump/motor design automatically ramps the motor speed of up to 8000 RPM to provide water at the pre-selected constant pressure.

Pompe Cucchi Srl (Hall 3, Booth No. 3750)

Pompe Cucchi is represented by over 40 years in the pumping metering and transferring fluids sector. We produce our pumps using numerically controlled machining centres so as to guarantee high quality level and interchangeability. The pumps construction is conformed to the Machines Directives 89/392, 31/368, 93/68 CE (conformity certificate issued by ANCCP no 0218 AC 001-2 - certificate ISO 9002 - SINCERT/ANCCP no SQU132AQ252). The marketing has been entrusted to a network of national agents and a group of international exclusive distributors in Europe, Asia, South Africa, North Africa, Australia, USA and Canada. Pompe Cucchi presents its gear metering pumps made with Titanium - Hastelloy C.

Pompes Salmson (SEA) Pte Ltd (Hall 3, Booth No. 3430)

Pompes Salmson is a leading French pump manufacturer (ISO 9001 certified) of centrifugal pumps and associated equipment for the building services and light industrial sectors. Our factory is located at Laval, France, which produces more than 2 million pumps every year.

Pompes Salmson features the WILO-MVIS, a super silent stainless steel vertical multi-stage pump with a flowrate of up to 14 m3/h and is designed to be maintenance free.

Reda Production Systems MEA Schlumberger (Hall 3, Booth No. 3160)

REDA HPS Horizontal Pumping System is a multistage centrifugal pump horizontally skid mounted for surface pumping applications. It has proven to be a cost effective alternative to vertical turbine, split case and positive displacement pumps in many applications. The HPS is ideally suited to a variety of applications including water-floods, salt water disposal, water supply, booster service, crude oil transfer, liquid propane injection, NGL pumps and amine service.

Designed for years of trouble-free service, the HPS requires no daily maintenance. There are no V-belts or packing to service. The quiet, vibration-free performance extends equipment life and greatly reduces the chance of leakage from associated piping. The quiet operation of the HPS makes it an ideal choice for urban or environmentally sensitive areas.

RUHRPUMPEN GmbH (Hall 3, Booth No. 3311 - VDMA Pavilion)

RUHRPUMPEN belongs to the fluid handling division of Derlan Industries Ltd of Toronto/Canada. Decades of experience and intensive exchange of know-how within the group ensures the high degree of efficiency, flexibility and competence of RUHRPUMPEN. For over 50 years, the name RUHRPUMPEN has been synonymous worldwide with innovation and reliability for pumping technology.

Our range comprises of centrifugal pumps for Refineries and Petrochemical Plants; Oilfields and Loading Stations; Oil, Product and Water Pipelines; On- and Offshore, Environmental Technologies; Cooling Water Supplies and also Conventional Power Stations; Industrial and Municipal Water Engineering; Flood Water; Irrigation; Waste Water Treatment; Dry and Floating Docks; Hydraulic Decoking Systems. We also offer: SYNERGETIC RETROFIT®- Innovative optimisation of existing centrifugal pumps and plants.

The quality management system by RUHRPUMPEN has been certified by LRQA/NACCB to confirm with ISO 9001.

S.A. Armstrong Limited (Hall 3, Booth No. 3460)

Armstrong Pumps, founded in 1934, is a Canadian owned manufacturer of fluid flow equipment for HVAC building services. Armstrong manufactures a complete line of:

• End Suction, Double Suction, In-line Circulators and Vertical In-line Pumps

• Heat Exchangers (Shell & Tube, Plate & Frame)

• Expansion Tanks and Packaged Expansion Systems

• Pump Suction Guide Strainers, Combination Type Pump Discharge Valves and Circuit Balancing Valves

• UL/FM/LPC Certified Fire Pumps

• Domestic Cold Water Booster Supply System (with Variable Frequency Drive available)

• Variable Speed IPS (Integrated Pumping Systems)

The Armstrong fluid flow selection software, known as ACE, makes selection of pumps and other fluid flow equipments easy and accurate. This program is also capable of providing operating cost data based on variable building load profile and energy cost.

SAER ELETTROPOMPE Srl (Hall 3, Booth No. 3545)

SAER ELETTROPOMPE SRL is a privately owned company established in 1951, manufacturing a wide range of pumps in various materials (cast iron, bronze, stainless steel) for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural uses. Our range of production includes:

Peripheral pumps, self-priming jet pumps, single and multi-stage close coupled and base-framed pumps, sewage and drainage pumps, deep well submersible pumps, chemical pumps, split-case pumps and submersible wet end motors of up to 400 HP.

The continuous research into pumping and water treatment technology aswell as important investments in advanced research have allowed SAER to develop good business in more than 120 countries all over the world.

The new SAER high pressure horizontal multistage pumps, built with the most advanced technological solutions are very reliable products, which can be found in mechanised irrigation systems fire fighting units as well as water supply for civil and industrial applications.

SEKO Dosing Systems Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

SEKO Dosing Systems is an ISO 9001 certified Italian manufacturer who focuses on R & D to offer innovative dosing products. Our manufacturing facility is located in Italy and subsidiaries are established in Singapore, UK, USA, Germany, France, Spain, South Africa and Brazil.

SEKO products use the latest technology but userfriendly features, providing simple solutions to demanding applications.

SEKO will exhibit the latest DPR and DPZ Tekna electromagnetic diaphragm pump. This innovative dosing pump is available with choice of integrated pH/Orp or water meter pacing control. These turnkey solutions allow simple installation and operation while substantially lowering the cost of investment.

Showfou Electric Machine Co Ltd (Hall 3, Booth No. 3742)

Showfou was established in 1976. In the beginning, we produced the electric motor to supply our local market only. With the experience in motor manufacturing, we began developing pump products. Today, we are a professional pump manufacturer and we are the largest submersible pump manufacturer in Taiwan.

We have a wide range of pump products such as the submersible deepwell/borehole pump, submersible sewage pump, submersible de-watering pump, centrifugal surface pump, paddle wheel aerator and blowers. Our slogan is “Be Better, Be Different”. We know quality is very important, therefore we do our best in R&D and have resulted in many international safety approvals such as CE, CSA, UL and CNS. We are also an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.

The Showfou submersible pump adopted the unique “EPOXY CABLE SEALING BASE” and Triplex seals system to ensure good water-resistant capability. All our products are inspected by a strict quality control system.

Spraying Systems Co (S) Pte Ltd (Hall 3, Booth No. 3610)

Spraying Systems Co is the world’s leading spray nozzle manufacturer. Our product line includes a multitude of spray nozzles and accessories geared to your industry - any industry whose applications require spray technology. Our services include providing a system approach to your spraying needs.

Our sales engineers work closely with our customers to identify problems, recommending solutions and finding the right spray products and applications to increase their product yield.

New Product Launch!

The new Model 2250 Spray Controller from AutoJet Technologies is a state-of-the-art control equipment for industrial spray applications, allowing more precise regulation of spraying variables than is possible with simple PLCs.

Sumoto Srl (Hall 3, Booth No. 3740)

Sumoto is a leading producer of Submersible Motors for Deepwell pumps of 3" - 4" and 6" size. Recently, we have achieved the ISO 9001 - Ed. 2000 Certification and we are now in the process to move on to a newer and greater manufacturing plant, which allows us to implement capacity of our production and grant in the future, a better service to those OEM who chooses Sumoto as their strategic partners for their success in pumping water from the ground.

Our motors are simple which means reliable and very easy to service.

Sun Mines Electrics Co Ltd (Hall 3, Booth No. 3721)

Sun Mines is a leading manufacturer of air and water pumps in Taiwan. Our product range covers wastewater treatment, aquaculture and aquarium fields including air pumps, blowers, compressors, submersible sewage pumps, submersible well pumps and centrifugal pumps. We can offer the EOM and ODM products for special design.

Sundyne Corporation (Hall 3, Booth No. 3551)

Sundyne Corporation, a subsidiary of Hamilton-Sundstrand Corporation, is a leading USA high technology corporation having a reputation for excellence in both aerospace and commercial industries since 1962.

Sundyne Corporation manufactures and markets a range of specialised products, which are categorised as follows:

• Sundyne, API-610 sealled, low flow-high head centrifugal pumps

• Sundyne, high speed centrifugal gas compressors

• Sunflo, industrial grad sealled, low flow-head high speed centrifugal pumps

• Sundyne canned motor sealless centrifugal pumps, industrial & API 685

• HMD-Kontro magnetic driven sealless centrifugal pumps, Industrial &API 685

• Ansimag lined magnetic driven sealless centrifugal pumps, Ansi standard

• Caster plastic magnetic driven sealless pumps

• Maso-Sine positive displacement sanitary pumps

Sundyne features the MAGMAX, a revolutionary product, drawing on the best features of both Canned Motor Pumps (CMP) and Magnet Drive Pumps (MDP) to deliver a totally unique pump that is set to change the sealless market. It has been developed by HMD/Kontro based on 50 years of feedback and knowledge of sealless applications. This combination of skills and technologies have resulted in a pump that can out perform both of its predecessors and is set to become the choice for many applications.

TAPFLO AB (Hall 3, Booth No. 3607)

TAPFLO is a manufacturer of Air Operated Double diaphragm pumps made from PE, PTFE, Aluminium, Cast Iron or Stainless Steel. These pumps are designed for all kinds of liquid dosing and transport in a number of various industries such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our company was established in 1985 and is represented by offices in Sweden, UK, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Italy and South Africa. TAPFLO also has distributors in approximately 25 countries worldwide. TAPFLO’s diaphragm pumps have low maintenance costs and low life cycles.


Turbosan is specialised since 1971 in the manufacturing of Centrifugal Water and Sewerage Pumps. Besides being a major pump manufacturer in Turkey undertaking several turnkey projects for Water and Sewerage Authorities in Turkey, Turbosan has maintained a reputable export market share since 1990.

Turbosan’s product range includes:

• End-suction DIN 24255 pumps range 4 - 450 l/s @ 5 - 85m

• Split case pumps range 40 - 200 l/s @ 8 - 160m

• Multi-stage and pumps range 4 - 200 l/s @ 20 - 300m

• Mixed and axial flow pumps range 3500/1250 l/s@ 40/ 3 - 15m

• Sewage and waste water pumps range 2 -700 l/s @ 4 - 55m

• Archemedian screw pumps

• Butterfly valves, check valves and dismantling pieces

VAREM SpA (Hall 3, Booth No. 3540)

VAREM SpA, in the water and heating field for more than 25 years, is a world leader in the production of expansion and water tanks. VAREM SpA not only distinguishes itself in the manufacturing of metal tanks, but also for the production of their rubber membranes, therefore supervising the heart of a trustworthy membrane tank. Research and continuous investment for an ever-increasing technical and technological development have brought VAREM SpA to the ISO 9001 certification, a synonym of constant product quality and service efficiency.

VAREM SpA features its MAXIVAREM LS 2000 LITRES:

Water pressure tanks 2000 Litres in capacity with replaceable membrane. It has a working temperature of -10+100oC and maximum working pressure of 10 bar.

VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE GmbH (Hall 3, Booth No. 3318)

VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE, Europe’s leading developer of pump selection software, will present a completely revised edition of the Online Pump Magazine impeller.net and the latest version of the Spaix PumpSelector to professionals in Asia for the first time.

impeller.net® – the online pump magazine with the global PumpSelector – provides the community with the latest information from the industry and supports buyers in their search for the suitable pump from an extensive pump database of presently 12 major manufacturers.

Spaix® pump selection solutions streamline business processes and provide pump manufacturers and the fluid handling industry with suitable software relating to pump selection, sizing, quoting and selling. It is the most complete and cost–effective software family available

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