EUROPUMP Guide on Noise Outdoors


Guideline for the application of the EC-Directive 2000/14/EC "Noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors" in respect to pumps and pump units. AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD.

This Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 th May 2000 was published on 3 rd July 2000. The Directive may be applied as from 3 rd July 2001 with a transition period until 2 nd January 2001.

With effect from 3 rd January 2002 only products shall be put on the market which comply with the requirements of this Directive.

The aim of this Directive is to harmonise the laws of the Member States relating to noise emission standards, conformity assessment procedures, marking, technical documentation and collection of data concerning the noise emission in the environment of equipment for use outdoors.

“Equipment for use outdoors” means all machinery defined in the Directive 98/37/EC “Machinery”, which is either self-propelled or can be moved and which, irrespective of the driving element is intended to be used in the open air and which contributes to environmental noise exposure.

Source: Europump

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