Electric submersible pumps UNISOM for 4 inch (100 mm) wells


BBC Elettropompe announces the launch of new submersible pumps suitable to pump water from wells; to pressurize civil plants and for small irrigation.

Application features

Maximum immersion depth: 120 m; maximum content in sand: 5 g/m³; maximum number of starts: 20/h up to 1,5 HP, over: 10/h; maximum temperature of the water pumped: 30 ºC.



Pump casing, motor casing, shaft, tie rods, bolts and nuts in stainless steel; impellers and diffusers in reinforced polycarbonate; self lubricating bearing in bronze; head in brass or resin; suction casing in brass; foot in resin.

Coolant filled asynchronous motor with short circuit rotor on over-dimensioned ball bearings; graphite and ceramics mechanical seal.

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