Eco-Friendly Wilo Help Turn Up The Heat


When heating contractor Crown House Engineering placed an order with GMS Thermal Products for a plate heat exchanger package that incorporated energy-efficient features, it was Wilo's eco-friendly TOP-Z and TOP-S pumps that were chosen for the application.

Work on the Great Western Hospital, a new £100 million Private Finance Initiative facility for the people of Swindon and Wiltshire, first commenced on 5 October 1999. Due to be completed on 5 November 2002, the entire project is being developed for the Swindon and Marlborough NHS Trust by a consortium led by the Carillion construction company. Manchester-based GMS

Thermal Products was appointed by the project's heating contractor, Crown House Engineering, to manufacturer the plate heat exchanger package, including the installation of the Wilo pumps.

High on the list of priorities for the Carillion team is care for the environment and a commitment to the pursuit of sustainable development. Bound by the most rigorous set of environmental commitments made by any UK construction company, Carillion favours suppliers that develop 'green' products - specifying equipment that incorporates energy efficient features into the design whenever possible. In light of these commitments, Carillion is keen that the suppliers associated with the Great Western Hospital development share a similar philosophy.

Wilo displays the kind of dedication to the environment that Carillion, and an increasing number of construction companies throughout the UK, expect. With 11 product ranges featured on the Energy Technology Product List, including variable speed drives for pumps which offer users running cost saving from 20 to 60 per cent, Wilo's products are both efficient and environmentally friendly. It's commitment to the cause is further underlined through the sponsorship of two annual environmental awards with key trade journals.

It was for these reasons that Wilo-TOP-Z and Wilo-TOP-S glandless circulating pumps were chosen for inclusion in an energy efficient plate heat exchanger package to be installed at the Great Western Hospital.

Mr Steve Rawlins, Technical Director of GMS Thermal Products, says: "Circulating pumps play an integral role in the performance of plate heat exchanger packages, moving water around both the primary and secondary circuits of the unit. It was therefore vital that the pumps we installed not only met the environmental requirements of the project but also the demands of the heating system. The Wilo-TOP-Z and Wilo-TOP-S pumps deliver on both fronts."

Extremely powerful for their size, the energy-efficient pumps feature manual three-speed control with either a non-overloading function or integrated overload protection. In addition, the pumps are designed to be maintenance-free and easy to install. "Installation was very straightforward. From a wiring and pipe work point of view, Wilo pumps can't be faulted," explains Mr Rawlins.

While the Great Western Hospital will not be operational for at least 12 months, the project has already attracted the attention of many leading lights in the construction industry, having been selected as an example of best practice by The Movement for Innovation.

Source: WILO SE

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