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Waters Corporation has responded to customer demand for oil-free vacuum pump systems by offering the BOC Edwards XDS 35i dry pump as an option on its Micromass Technologies Quattro Premier range of mass spectrometers.

Micromass’s Quattro Premier range is a high performance, bench-top tandem quadrupole instrument, featuring Micromass’s advanced Travelling Wave technology for improved sensitivity, selectivity and speed of analysis. Described as a major advance in tandem quadrupole technology when it was launched last year, the system delivers high performance and low detection limits in a compact, easy-to-use system.

Micromass Marketing Manager Steve Smith explains: “Our customers in the pharmaceutical industry are involved in activities such as bio-analysis and the qualification of drugs for clinical trials and need to operate to high standards of quality and efficiency. Their work, which is strictly regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other national bodies, demands extremely high accuracy measurement. By opting for dry vacuum these customers eliminate any possibility of samples being contaminated by oil in the chamber, and benefit from improved laboratory productivity.”

The advantages of oil-free vacuum pumping are becoming increasingly well understood in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratory work. The BOC Edwards patented system used in the XDS 35i has no bearings or lubrication products in the vacuum environment. There is no risk of contamination, and no need for regular oil changes or disposal, so it also addresses health and safety and environmental issues.

Ideal for mass spectrometer and high energy physics applications, XDS 35i offers robust, clean, low maintenance high speed pumping up to 35 m³/h. An 80-litre chamber can be pumped from atmosphere down to ultimate vacuum of <0.01 mb in just two minutes. The pump is also conveniently compact with a foot print for floor or bench mounting.

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