Double Flow Hose Pump Ideal For Abrasives Or Solids Pumping


A compact, double-head hose pump which provides higher flows yet requires less space, is the latest addition to the range of Ponndorf peristaltic pumps. Available through liquids handling specialists PUMP ENGINEERING the Ponndorf PK40 high pressure twin unit is capable of providing flows up to 15,000 litres/ hour at pressures up to 15 bar.

Double Flow Hose Pump Ideal For Abrasives Or Solids Pumping

Pump Engineering

These versatile, self-priming, pumps offer the important advantages of peristaltic pumping which are particularly relevant to the food processing and water treatment industries. For example, shear sensitive, delicate liquids or those containing solids remain unaffected by the pumping process.

The absence of seals, glands and valves significantly reduces the likelihood of component failure and resulting down-time, sometimes associated with demanding pumping applications, such as those involving abrasives and other similar aggressive media. Cleaning and washing is also simplified because unlike other types of pump only the hose has contact with the process fluid, therefore quick and effective cleaning is achieved simply by flushing through the hose.

The pump is fully reversible and is supplied with a wide selection of hose materials including natural rubber, neoprene, hypalon, food grade NBR and EPDM. This makes it ideal for transferring products such as sauces, yogurt, creams, pastes or metering / dosing suspended solids, for example milk of lime dosing in water and effluent treatment applications.

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