Custom Designed Pump Elements for Design Flexibility


A new range of custom-designed Gerotor pump elements for in-house designed pumps providing engineers with the important benefits of reduced tooling and set-up costs, are now available through miniature component specialists LEE PRODUCTS.

Custom Designed Pump Elements for Design Flexibility

In many OEM applications design flexibility is crucial, so the facility for engineers to be able to source individual components and elements, rather than being limited by the constraints of ‘standard’ components, is a better option.

These internal lobe gerotor pump elements are manufactured using a wire EDM process (Electrical Discharge Machine), as opposed to the traditional broaching method. This process cuts conductive materials cleanly and efficiently without physical contact using a thin electrode to an accuracy of +/-.0001” without burrs. This process is ideal for delicate parts and as no tooling is required significantly reduces set-up costs and so minimizes the time required to produce initial prototypes.

The elements are ideal for pumps being developed for use in a wide range of OEM applications. For example, lube and scavenge pumps for aircraft engines and transmission systems, fuel metering and transfer pumps, avionics cooling, marine and industrial gas turbines, military vehicle transmissions, racing and rally cars, hydraulic power equipment and chemical metering pumps.

They are available in stainless steel and bronze with widths ranging from 2.45mm up to 28.45mm and diameters from 20.32mm up to 91.44mm.

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