Cornell Pump Company’s Rapid Response Pumps Ready to Meet Dewatering Needs of Hurricane Sandy


Cornell pumps have helped in flooding events such as Mt. St. Helens eruption and Hurricane Katrina, as well as dewatering Ground Zero after the September 11th attacks. Oregon-based pump manufacturer has pumps ready to ship to disaster areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

With winds and rain still lashing the East Coast and Mid-west, Cornell Pump Company stands ready to help in clean-up efforts. Some of Cornell’s most popular and powerful pump models are available for immediate shipment, helping them get into the field in days, instead of weeks.

Cornell pumps have the capacity to pump up to 31,000 gallons per minute (emptying the equivalent of an Olympic-sized swimming pool in 20.3 minutes.) Cornell’s Redi-Prime pumps are especially popular with municipalities, because they can re-prime and begin pumping without the need for an attendant to monitor the pump. Our self-priming (ST) pumps and hydraulic submersible pumps are also in high demand in weather related dewatering.

“We’ve already had inquiries from governmental agencies,” said Marcus Davi, Cornell Pump Company VP of Sales. “Our reputation for quality and reliability make us a good partner in responding to a disaster of this magnitude.”

Throughout our 65 year history, Cornell pumps have been instrumental in helping dewater after disasters. Some notable efforts include:

  • In 1980, Cornell pumped out Spirit Lake to keep it from flooding the valley below after the Mount Saint Helens eruption. Twenty Model 10YB Engine Drive Units were utilized on a floating barge.
  • After September 11, 2001, Cornell air freighted Model 8NHTA Pumps to New York City to pump out the flooded subway area of World Trade Center.
  • Cornell had over 200 pumps working in New Orleans to pump out the flooded city after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Additionally, for every pump sold Cornell Pump will donate to the American Red Cross for disaster relief. The donation will help the Red Cross provide food, shelter, cleaning supplies, and emotional support to people in communities from Georgia to Maine impacted by the hurricane.

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