Container Pump B50 for Safe and Light Work of Your Chemical Transfer


Lutz Pumpen has developed a new container pump in vertical, wet-end centrifugal construction which combines high capacity, low weight, high level of operational safety, continuous operation suitability and low speed.

Container Pump B50 for Safe and Light Work of Your Chemical Transfer

LUTZ Containerpumpe B50

Drums and containers in which liquids are transported have been in a process of change during recent years. On the one hand these receptacles have became smaller and smaller, on the other hand the trend is towards containers that make high demands on the pumps due to their volume and dimensions.

Engineers have long been concerned about drum drainage and have developed various kinds of pumps, which always had a 50 mm bung hole as standard. This detail resulted in the fact that drum pumps are restricted to delivery quantities of 150 litres 1/min at pump speeds of 10.0000 rpm.

Lutz has developed the B50 container pump to satisfy the growing needs related to the emptying of 1000 litre containers. The user-friendliness and serviceability of drum pumps was no longer sufficient. Continuous operation results in increased wear, delivery quantities and transfer times are no longer sufficient. Price-performance ratio has resulted in the use of alternative pump types, which were not ideal. These pumps for example empty the container from a bottom discharge connection. Self-priming pumps empty the container by means of flexible hoses via the container opening, this creates a potential hazard for leakage from fittings or by human error.

From the environmental and economical point of view, the vertical pump is the solution for the future, it guarantees a safe and reliable method of transfer. The B50 is constructed along the lines of a drum pump in order to maintain the proven benefits that the drum pump has.

The following characteristics were the development basis for the Design Engineers:

  • Vertical, wet-end centrifugal pump
  • High capacity
  • Low weight
  • High level of operational safety
  • Continuous operation possible
  • Low speed

The solution you can rely on.

Bulk chemical transfer or filling is made simple. The container pump is positively mounted into the container with a specially designed adapter.

The B50 pump is designed to empty the container within less than 10 minutes. This refers to nearly all chemical fluids with a density up to 1.8 kg/dm³ and a viscosity of up to 100 mPas.

The pump is driven by either a single-phase capacitor start motor 230 V with 0,55 kW or 0,75 kW and protection class IP 54. Other motors are available on request. The motor is connected to the pump by means of a hand wheel which facilitates quick release of the motor from the pump.

Lutz B50 container pump: Simplicity and maximum working safety.

The pump has a weight of less than 10 kg.

Customers` benefits by the use of this new pump type are: No discharge from the bottom valve, thus removing environmental risk caused by leaks, no liquid residue in the suction-side hose lines.

The use of this new B50 pump guarantees the safe transfer of liquids from bulk containers with continuous operation whilst maintaining the proven features of the past.

In conjunction with the Lutz modular flow meter system ST and SL, flows can be controlled and measured. The relay module permits batching operation. Savings are made by increased control and a reduction of wastage.

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