Comprehensive Online Planning Software in the Second Generation


Wilo maintains with the new version of the online planning software Wilo-Select its leading position in selection and configuration of pumps and pump systems on the Internet. The most comprehensive software system for circulation pumps for heating, water and air conditioning applications as well as for pumps and pump systems for water supply, storm water utilization, increase of pressure, wastewater and sewage disposal provides several search methods.

Pumps can be selected by hydraulic dimensioning via the duty point, by catalog search in the product browser, by direct search via the product name or in the pump exchange browser for pump replacements. Comprehensive technical information support the user in the selection of the suitable products. Complete documentations on the selected pump or pump assembly are provided. All datasheets are dynamically generated for the respective operating conditions and user settings (as language and units system). The configuration of all components finally results in an item number for ordering the pump.

Besides the pump the appropriate accessories are being offered for selection. The step-by-step user guidance enables the simple assembly of all required parts.

Wilo-Select Online originates from the pump selection software SPAIX-Online of VSX VOGEL SOFTWARE that can directly incorporated into the pump manufacturer’s existing web site. Costumers are able to select pumps and accessories from their product line, to request a quote or to place an order by email at any time.

Quick and convenient for the user the sophisticated technical selection methods will find the perfectly

fitting pump, the desired accessories or spare parts. The well thought-out sequence of entries and

information and the systematic guidance of the user avoid wrong selections and directly result in the

selection of the optimal pump.

The information on the selected products, as e.g. pump curves, technical data, dimension drawings,

product descriptions are dynamically generated considering the actual operating data and settings.

Spaix® Online performs all common curve calculations as adjustment of speed, impeller trimming,

conveying of high-viscous Newtonian fluids).

Wilo and VSX have been co-operating since 1994. Since then VSX has been in charge of the development and maintenance of the planning and dimensioning software of this pump manufacturer.


Since 1928 Wilo has been developing and manufacturing innovative pumps and pump systems for the sanitation of buildings, for industry and plant design. The delivery programme mainly consists of circulation pumps for heating, sanitation and air conditioning applications as well as pumps and pump systems for water supply, rainwater utilization, pressure increase, wastewater and sewage disposal.

Distribution and customer service are performed worldwide with high competence by own representatives. Wilo’s products can be bought via the local heating and sanitary specialist dealers.

Wilo belongs to the Wilo-Salmson group, that employs in all 2722 people with an altogether annual turnover of more than 813 Mio. DEM in 1999. With 1562 employees and an annual turnover of 500 Mio. DEM Wilo is the biggest company of the WILO-Salmson concern and is one of the largest pump manufacturer of the world.


VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE is a worldwide leading supplier of pump selection and configuration systems. The product line includes PC-software and Internet applications for the selection and configuration of pumps and pump accessories, subsequent business processes and adjoining topics. Besides the company offers extensive software-related services. The business range Internet Services includes besides the complete incorporation of the online-pump selection system into existing websites of pump manufacturers. The world’s largest pump manufacturers as e.g. ITT Industries, Ebara, KSB, ABS, Wilo-Salmson are customers of VOGEL.

Source: WILO SE

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